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  1. El Gato Bandito

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    We would stay in the Big 12 along with whatever mediocre teams they bring in as a stopgap. We don’t have enough power to get in other leagues by ourselves, would just have to make the best of this league along with other schools who get left behind.
  2. El Gato Bandito

    O'Brate men's restroom

    it’s the Rona
  3. El Gato Bandito

    Bill Young Passed Away

    Hindsight is 20/20. At the time everyone was calling for his head on a platter. It was widely celebrated when he was cut loose. He had a good run while he was here though.
  4. El Gato Bandito

    JW Walsh

    how dare that college student and amateur athlete go eat dinner after a game! He should sulk around an empty stadium and watch film for hours after a loss!!!
  5. El Gato Bandito

    How do we fix the bowls?

    Scrap bowl games all together. Introduce 4 regional playoff sites. Winners of the 4 playoff regionals meet in the CFP finals.
  6. El Gato Bandito


    Personally I disagree and I think/hope he is going to be a successful coach. This team is the first time its been "his team" and they look better than they have the last few years. That's even after the NCAA sanctions and he lost a guy in Yor Anei who would have made this team even better. I...
  7. El Gato Bandito


    I think next year could be make or break for him. If he can't get a winning record and continued improvement from his team it might be time to look elsewhere.......but I also don't know who you are going to get at the door for a university with NCAA sanctions still fresh and a murders row of a...
  8. El Gato Bandito

    Homecoming Festivities Canceled

    159,000 Americans have died from this virus in less than a year. What more will it take for you to view this as dangerous? Comparing this to flu is asinine. Younger people may not die from it in higher percentages, but even one dying from it when it can be prevented is why these decisions are...
  9. El Gato Bandito

    City of Stillwater thread

    I moved to Eastern Massachusetts.
  10. El Gato Bandito

    City of Stillwater thread

    I don't want to be too long-winded but there is a lot of contributing factors for me, but I know for other people they are perfectly happy and they have no issues. That's great. I'm not here to shit all over Oklahoma and just run away screaming it sucks as no other state or region is perfect...
  11. El Gato Bandito

    City of Stillwater thread

    I love Stillwater and always will. But the worst thing about Stillwater is it’s in Oklahoma. I left about two years ago after spending 10+ years there raising a family. Don’t regret leaving at all.
  12. El Gato Bandito

    Eddie film

    By who?
  13. El Gato Bandito

    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    Next season is his make or break year. He at least gets one more year.
  14. El Gato Bandito

    Can Boynton get the trifecta?

    If Cobbins doesn't have a season ending injury we would have been on the road to the Final 4 that year....but I get what you're saying.
  15. El Gato Bandito


    Didn’t expect Dest to stick with the US at all, so that is a pleasant surprise.
  16. El Gato Bandito


    btw I was kind of hoping that if the decision was made to fire GB that they would let Tab Ramos take over. Seems that ship has sailed with him going to Houston. Good for him. But bad for USMNT.