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  1. ostateim

    Boynton Doghouse?

    They played far more than “a little” in the NBA.
  2. ostateim

    Rip Rush Limbaugh

    You’re such a fucking joke.
  3. ostateim


    I know Dr. BWH well. Went to med school together and were interns together. He’s a smart, dedicated doc and you’d be lucky to have him as your anesthesiologist.
  4. ostateim

    Big 12 9/12

    LaTech is still LaTech. ISU is playing the former Louisiana Lafayette University.
  5. ostateim

    Reason to bet on WVU to win hoops title

    I'll take the field.
  6. ostateim

    Big XII Games Week 9

    2003 Big 12 Championship game in Arrowhead. There you have it asshole. Oh goodness. Sorry mods. I meant to say a-hole.
  7. ostateim

    Big XII Games Week 9

    Not even close.
  8. ostateim

    Big 12 Rankings week 5

    Already crowning the goons, huh?