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  1. OstatePokes

    Wrestling Facilities

    Well this is exciting.
  2. OstatePokes

    Former Cowboys in NFL Minicamps

    Tyron Johnson and Madre Harper both made the list as the top surprise player for their team at minicamp.
  3. OstatePokes

    Men’s Basketball Trey Alexander Reopens Recruiting

    Top player in Oklahoma in the 2021 class just decommitted from Auburn. We weren’t in his final 7, but he said he is starting fresh so I wonder if we will make a push.
  4. OstatePokes

    Football Players Coming Back in 2021

    Ok, let’s start figuring out who is back in 2021.
  5. OstatePokes

    Knight Commission Recommends FBS Split From NCAA

    All I can say is it is about time. Obviously, this is just a recommendation, but I would favor this move. The recommendation is to split the football bowl subdivision away from the NCAA.
  6. OstatePokes

    Chad Whitener Fights off Home Invaders

    Good read about a great Cowboy. Hope he recovers quickly.
  7. OstatePokes

    Football 2021 RB Qwontrel Walker

    Seems like we are overdue for a thread for Qwontrel. Good article about him from this fall.
  8. OstatePokes

    Daton Fix 1 Year Sanction

    Daton was given a 1-year sanction (starting February of 2020) instead of 4 years since it was an accident to ingest ostarine. The article says he is not planning to wrestle for OSU while preparing for the Olympics, which was a surprise to me. I would be curious to hear from @CTeamPoke and some...
  9. OstatePokes

    Baseball Austin Lemon Commits to OSU

    Fresh off a great weekend in Georgia, Austin Lemon commits to the Pokes. Talented switch hitting OF from Heritage Hall.
  10. OstatePokes

    New College Baseball Model

    Great read on what would be a major development in college baseball.
  11. OstatePokes

    Faking Injuries in CFB - Good Commentary From Gundy

    I completely agree with Mike that injured players should have to come out for a possession. It gives medical staffs ample time to evaluate the player and would serve as some deterrent for faking injuries. Teams will be selective about who fakes the injury, but there should be some rule to slow...
  12. OstatePokes

    Tre Flowers Nice Pick

    Tre got a pick for the second game in a row and this was a really nice play.
  13. OstatePokes

    Need 2 for Bedlam

    My mom and sister have decided to come to town for Bedlam so I need two additional tickets for Bedlam. I don’t care where they are located and they don’t have to be together.
  14. OstatePokes

    Baseball SS Marcus Brown

    Got a really good commit from an Arkansas SS tonight. He is ranked 7th overall in Arkansas.
  15. OstatePokes

    Donnie Walton’s First MLB Hit

    I thought this deserves it’s own thread. Congrats Donnie!
  16. OstatePokes

    Colin Simpson - Pioneer League MVP

    Congrats to Colin Simpson on being named the Pioneer League MVP!
  17. OstatePokes

    Football 2020 Ath Brennan Presley Committed to OSU

    Really excited for this one. He is undersized but plays much bigger. Just has something special about him. If you see what other HS players in Oklahoma think about him you'll realize we might be onto something here. Hope he commits.
  18. OstatePokes

    Summer League Baseball 2019

    It's that time of year again. I was surprised I found so few players, so please feel free to point out players I missed and I'll add them to the list below. Cape Cod Baseball League Ben Leeper - Wareham Gatemen Texas Collegiate League Noah Sifrit - Texarkana Twins (listed as a pitcher)...
  19. OstatePokes

    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    As we look ahead to next season there are a couple questions I have. For season ticket holders how will we get to choose seats in O'Brate stadium? Will O'Brate stadium be ready for February? Which regulars will we lose? Graduation Simpson, Lienhard, Funk, Carter Draft Elliot, Basso, Boone...
  20. OstatePokes

    OSU and the Big 12 voting no on 3rd baseball assistant

    Anyone have any thoughts or knowledge on why we are voting no on the proposal to have a 3rd baseball assistant? I understand that a lot of Big 12 schools are concerned about the SEC including adding a 3rd softball assistant as well. Early on it sounded like just Texas, Tech, and OU would be...