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  1. BPH_4LIFE

    Loyal & True. Cowboy Basketball 20’-21’ Season Ends in a Second Round Exit against Oregon State. Pokes Finish 21-9 Overall. Proud and Immortal #NewEra

    so based on returning players, we should have 2 scholarships open? Are we in on anyone? It seems our recruiting in hoops has gone quiet. I know we technically lose a scholarship per year for 3 years?
  2. BPH_4LIFE

    Boynton Doghouse?

    When you are a 2 Guard and you shoot 34% from the field and 20% from 3 and average 54% from the FT line, you are going to have a hard time getting minutes. It is not like he plays tremendous D or is an assist monster to make up for the poor shooting. I would suggest maybe he needs to learn to...
  3. BPH_4LIFE


    Sorry if I am starting another thread on the same topic. But, there has never been a coach I wanted to succeed more than Mike Boynton. I really like the man. But, at some point he has to win. Every year is like a mirror image. We struggle in the Big 12 early and look better late. But, at some...
  4. BPH_4LIFE

    How about Tulsa

    This season has saved Montgomery's job. Hopefully he does not bolt?
  5. BPH_4LIFE

    Justice Hill

    They are using Hill as on special teams more than anywhere and he has committed (2) 15 yard penalties so far. He is playing out of position but the staff is not happy about the penalties. Hill be at best the 3rd back in 2021 for the Raven as they will add FA or draft another guy. I wish Hill...
  6. BPH_4LIFE

    What if we don't make the CCG?

    It would mean he goes from 2-13 to 2-14 and nothing changes amongst the majority of our fanbase because they are just happy to be in the Cheez-It bowl.
  7. BPH_4LIFE

    Liberty Bowl Roll Call!

    My wife and I and our friends have a joke that you cannot go anywhere without running into or see a Goon fan. Usually a Goon hat. Well, we saw, Arky, Auburn, Tennessee, Miss St, Ole Miss, Memphis but not a single Goon. We joked that we won because it was a Goonless day.
  8. BPH_4LIFE

    Liberty Bowl Roll Call!

    What you mean like the 2016 Sugar Bowl?
  9. BPH_4LIFE

    Liberty Bowl Stuff

    Best places to eat if you are looking for Memphis classics: Gus's Fried Chicken Rendevous BBQ downtown Central BBQ on Central is within a few miles of the stadium (1.2 Miles) Breweries: Wiseacre High Cotton Ghost River Memphis Made Meddlesome Old Dominick Distillery is great and directly...
  10. BPH_4LIFE

    What bowl are we playing for?

    I live in the Little Rock area so the location is awesome. Just sick of playing Mizzou and their fans. Was hoping for new blood. In fact, just bought my tickets on Seat Geek! Sweet setup behind the OSU bench.
  11. BPH_4LIFE

    What bowl are we playing for?

    So sick of Mizzou and Ole Miss. Why could we not get a South Carolina or Vandy?
  12. BPH_4LIFE

    What bowl are we playing for?

    2018 Liberty Bowl is a 2:45 Central Kickoff
  13. BPH_4LIFE

    What bowl are we playing for?

    Considering we lost to TCU, KSU, ISU & Baylor, we should be dead last on the picking order so it looks like the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth is our most likely destination.
  14. BPH_4LIFE

    Gundy November/December since 2011

    Gundy is a pathetic 15-15 in the months of the November/December since we peaked in 2011. This is just conference games, not including December bowl games. How do you expect to move up the ladder and compete for recruits that help raise the play on the field and that status of our program when...
  15. BPH_4LIFE

    If we get the Liberty Bowl...

    Why? Baylor went 1-11 in 2017 and still outrecruited OSU. TCU did not make a bowl in 2013 and still outrecruits OSU. OSU has a 13 year bowl streak. Clearly, making a bowl or win loss records have little to do with recruiting when it is OSU, TCU, Baylor, Tech type teams. As long as we live off...