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    How many of you are actually watching this time around? I can remember as a kid I had this chart on my wall tracking medals and looking at the paper every morning to get an update. I haven’t watched a minute this year and my kids won’t either. It’s sad what it’s been turned into who can bash...
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    I’m no expert on Cuba but it looks like maybe the people there have had enough. It’s kind of interesting to see how this plays out.
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    Colorado PAUSE act

    There is no doubt the true reason this is being pushed in Colorado. If it passes how many other states will try to follow? I really think this is why 777 was so important a few years ago. I know the narrative was hijacked by the animal rights groups to make it appear to only be benefiting...
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    Gun/ammunition sales

    I’m not a gun nut by any means but just now finding out how ridiculously hard it is to get ammo right now. All I’m needing is some .22 to shoot some armadillos and the wife is wanting to shoot some clay pigeons. Walk into the store and the shelves are clean. What is going on?
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    Wrong Biden

    Unfortunately I think the country has selected the wrong person to lead the country. Think about it. Hunter was selected as a board member of a foreign country of company involved in an industry he had zero experience in. The guy has to be a genius. Think about the long list of people he was...
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    Unable to purchase

    Outside of a haircut can anybody name an item or service they have not been able to purchase somewhere? I’m not talking about stuff that is out of stock. This whole deal with the mayors in ok insisting we keep businesses closed for me to thinking about this. In Stillwater our mom and pop...
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    Life after Trump

    First I’ll start with I was a regular poster on gopokes before it went down and haven’t really paid a lot of attention here. So I have no idea of any of your political leanings. I call myself a member of the party of common sense. It’s pretty lonely here. My main concern is our national debt...