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  1. ScooberJake

    Big 12 recruiting

    I don't think the comment was about "not giving it your all", though a lot of Cowboy fans think it was. It's more just numbers. If OSU went hard after a bunch of 5-star players, we might get 1 out of 30 in a four year period. That is a lot of time, effort, and money spent for very little...
  2. ScooberJake

    NCAA threatens pulling Women's College World Series in OKC over Transgender athletes bill

    Although I generally fall to the left of most on the board, I don't at all understand the transgender argument here. If women's sports are intended to give women and girls a place to participate and compete in sports against other females, surely that is intended to be based on the differences...
  3. ScooberJake

    Men's Basketball Bryce Thompson transfers to OSU

    It's destroying the sport. People love college basketball because it is COLLEGE basketball. If it becomes just another D-League or NBA lite, people will care about it as much as they care about the D-league. That said, you gotta play by the rules handed down. Would love to get Bryce as a...
  4. ScooberJake

    Assistant coach Cannen Cunningham is moving on to help manage Cade's Career

    I was hoping Cannen would stay. Seemed like Kalib made great progress from Freshman to Sophomore years. Big man development has been a weakness at OSU for as long as I can remember, Cannen already seemed to be one of the best assistants we have had in a while.
  5. ScooberJake

    NOTICE NCAA Tournament Challenge

    I can't wait to see the big, secret prize...
  6. ScooberJake

    NOTICE NCAA Tournament Challenge

    No, I'm not even pulling for Baylor.
  7. ScooberJake

    Mike Boynton Extension

    Not sure I'd call myself a Boynton detractor, more a Holder detractor for giving a completely unproven coach the reigns to our program. At this point you either have to give Boynton a new contract or you have to look for a new coach. I'd rather keep Boynton, given the current players and...
  8. ScooberJake

    Shaka Smart to Marquette

    Also quoting the internet here, but: Shaka Smart salary at UT: $3.2M John Calipari salary at UK: $9.3M Now I know UT has cattle on a hundred hills (so, not as much money as God, but close). But is there really enough motivation in the Texas AD/booster orbit to go 5x the basketball coach's...
  9. ScooberJake

    Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

    I can tell you one thing they do: they bend their knees! MAM looks like a totem pole out there shooting free throws. It boggles my mind that he either doesn't know or can't remember to bend his knees...
  10. ScooberJake

    Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

    Lateral move?!? You cut me, man, you cut me deep...
  11. ScooberJake

    Bracketology *Pokes are a 4 seed in The Dance*

    Somebody had us seeded there this morning, either CBS or Lunardi. Cowboys as a #3 in the region with Ohio State as a #2.
  12. ScooberJake

    This is some know what

    Seems like they would, according to the guidelines. Same as Duke (who may not have been in anyway).
  13. ScooberJake

    South Carolina Sanctions - Lamont Evans

    Not a lawyer. But one of our basic legal principles in this country, whether you are talking about your local HOA or a federal prosecutor, is that of equal treatment. Of course it would all come down to the details and what is provable. Ideally, our penalty would be struck down in the...
  14. ScooberJake

    Berry Tramel: Mathematishun

    Hey, a nerd's gotta nerd. I figured at least someone else here would appreciate putting the world back into balance by correcting the math. Perhaps I should have expected the memes :laugh:
  15. ScooberJake

    Berry Tramel: Mathematishun

    Saw this absurdity today and just couldn't let it slide without a little mockery. First of all, wow, commas! But we all know Berry's not a writer, so ok... Since the chances of winning in overtime only happen after missing the last second shot, those multiply. Just a little thought would...
  16. ScooberJake

    UT's Tom Herman Fired

    Although there was certainly a lot to hate about Bob, it looks like he may be one of the rare breed of people who has both the drive to reach the pinnacle of his profession but also the sense to quit while he is ahead and go enjoy life and family.
  17. ScooberJake

    VOTE! Election thread

    Either way will be interesting to see what happens with Mar-A-Lago. Not sure why he would want to live there anyway with other people constantly around.
  18. ScooberJake

    VOTE! Election thread

    Yes, but surely congressmen are a special case almost by definition since they work in DC but are from their home states. The real question would have to get into Florida's voter registration laws, and what they require in order to be considered a legal resident and voter. Depending on those...