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  1. PokeGrad05

    Baseball 2022 Brennan Phillips

    LHP Brennan Phillips, out of baseball powerhouse Owasso, committed yesterday. Don’t know much about him but FB already in the low-80sand change-up in the mid-70s with room to grow and add velo.
  2. PokeGrad05

    Rocket Mortgage Classic

    A number of former Pokes competing in Detroit, led by CHIII in solo second at -12 (-5 for the current round with 2 holes to play). Projected cut is -4. Fowler -7 Gooch -5 Uihlein -4 Hovland -4 Wolff -1 Hoffmann -1 Mahan +1 Bauchou +8 Fowler and Howell are getting a lot of air time.