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  1. RxCowboy

    TV for a monitor

    After the move I have an extra 32 inch TV. Can it be used as a computer monitor?
  2. RxCowboy

    Graphics card problem

    I have an EVGA GT 710 2GB DDR3 64bit Single Slot, Dual DVI 02G-P3-2717-KR card in my computer with two monitors attached, one by HDMI and one by DVI. It seizes up from time to time with both monitors going black and my having to shut the computer down and restart it to get it back up. I thought...
  3. RxCowboy

    Sunday (Wednesday) Morning Coaches - .357 Magnum Edition

    Offense: B++ For the first quarter and a half, the offense was about as good as it can get, and Spencer Sanders is the reason why. To put it simply, over that time period Sanders was simply the better of the two quarterbacks on the field and by a lot. Then Miami scored... and Spencer Sanders...
  4. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Massacre on the Brazos edition

    Offense: B+ Honestly, this one is hard to grade. We scored plenty of points, racked up plenty of yards. But it never looked easy. Richardson showed a nice burst of speed. He also had a couple of "get off me" moments, the second one down on the goal line. When he lowered his head and drilled the...
  5. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Aggies vs Sand Aggies edition

    Those of you who like high scoring shoot-outs, you got your wish. Offense: B There are two words for this grade being this high: Dez Jackson. He came to play. It was such a brilliant effort by our third-string running back, and there were times when he was almost all the offense we had. How...
  6. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Pound the Purple Kitties edition

    General observations: In the third quarter, on our third possession, on 2nd and 9 from the KSU 17 we gave up a sack for -7 yards. Wyatt Hubert blind-sided Sanders and, we a huge chop of his right arm, attempted to strip the ball as he made the sack. As Sanders was looking down field for a...
  7. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coachs - Merry Christmas Bevo edition

    I don't like losing. I can accept losing a good, close, hard-fought game to a team that was simply better than us. That wasn't what happened yesterday. We did everything we could to gift-wrap that game for them. Offense: F It all comes down to this: 4 turnovers. We don't turn the ball over 4...
  8. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Fake Toejams Edition

    Overall impression, it wasn't pretty, but it wasn't exactly an ugly win. I've said many times, good teams win ugly games, bad teams lose them. That applies to whatever this was, too. Offense: B- There were times when Sanders and the offense looked brilliant. Then again, there were times when...
  9. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Buh Bye Edition

    The only game I saw yesterday was the OU-UT. What I saw was two awful football teams that tried hard to give the game away to each other. OU actually looked decent in the 3rd quarter, but then collapsed in the 4th. Rattler tends to lock on to his primary receiver and I'm not sure I saw him make...
  10. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Miles to go before I sleep edition

    What can I say, we were simply superior to Kansas in every phase of the game. We expected to be and we were. I could probably stop the analysis right there, but for the sake of completeness, here goes. Offense: A- Okay, so through 2.5 quarters we simply imposed our will on them and did whatever...
  11. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Couch Burning edition

    Defense: A+ For the second week in a row we've held an opponent to under 14 points. That's defense that I've been longing for for years. Twenty points on the season is the magic number, and right now we're well below that. 6 of 17 on third down this week after 0 for 11 last week; holding...
  12. RxCowboy

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Golden Tropical Depression edition

    Just a few observations from the game yesterday. Offense: C+ The tight ends/cowboy backs blocked no one in particular, ever. They looked really good scootching sideways out of the full diamond, though. The opening drive looked danged good, until it fizzled. Sanders needs to learn to protect...
  13. RxCowboy

    iPad 2

    So, one of the things I got in the divorce was the redhead's old iPad 2. I've wiped it out and taken all her junk off. I'd like to use it as a repository for dropbox files for music chord sheets. However, it appears that newer versions of the dropbox app are incompatible, as is just about...
  14. RxCowboy

    WVU going for preseason herd immunity!

    If football season gets canceled I say we round up all the people who refused to wear and mask and shoot them. Or let them move to certain states and secede from the union. Or export them to Canada and Mexico.
  15. RxCowboy

    Coronavirus pandemic non-socio-political discussions

    From my friend at Purdue: Feb 26 I have been getting some questions regarding things you can do to "be prepared" in case coronavirus hits the USA. Here are my recommendations. 1) frequent handwashing with soap and warm water. 2) hand sanitizer, 3) replace hand towels and washcloths more often...
  16. RxCowboy

    Things I appreciate during the Coronavirus pandemic

    I just received a notification that the Latter Day Saints want to tell me about another Gospel of Jesus Christ and due to the Coronavirus pandemic they'll stay at least 6 feet off my porch. I appreciate that. I'm still not opening the door.
  17. RxCowboy

    Grampa v Grampa

  18. RxCowboy

    The Butt-man for Prez thread

  19. RxCowboy

    The Bernie "That wasn't real soclialism" thread

    Now that Bernie is the front runner he deserves his own thread. Things are getting weird for him in Nevada. Topless protesters, something about milk.
  20. RxCowboy

    The Thurnzilla thread