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  1. Jostate

    1,000+ armed citizens to march during Tulsa race massacre centennial

    After a little time on another site I'll say love of guns goes deeper than hatred of skin color for many.
  2. Jostate

    Bedlam baseball round 5

  3. Jostate

    Israel conducts air strikes in Gaza

    I'm pretty sure this is a video game I played in the 80's
  4. Jostate

    The Biden Administration Thread

    Then the president raised taxes on those evil corporations. The left cheered as the rich guy is finally going to have to pay his fair share. 24 hours later the price went up on items used by people primarily making less than $400,000 per year, by a lot more than a penny.
  5. Jostate

    The Biden Administration Thread

    I suspect Biden doesn't have a clue about this but some mysterious unnamed person feels enabled enough to make a pretty big decision and get away with it. Memorial Day: Biden faces growing pressure to let veterans use Pentagon parking lot for event...
  6. Jostate


    If you believe China's numbers on this I'd like to share with you I bench 375 and have an IQ of 160.
  7. Jostate

    Silly Picture Thread

  8. Jostate


    But he has nothing to do with my decision process as to the safety and necessity of the vaccine. I'm a vaccine advocate and my only benefit is to go to build a bear again.
  9. Jostate


    They think the government is capable of pulling off a David Copperfield slight of hand in front of the whole world on 911. I think the government will take 3 years and lose my paperwork twice when I request an absentee ballot.
  10. Jostate


    As someone who sees what goes on with the extreme on the survivalistboards I'll say there are some who specifically don't trust anything touted by the rich, overly educated, or in power. Not like it used to be where a healthy skepticism said just because "they" say it doesn't make it true. That...
  11. Jostate


    It would be scary to know the real numbers.
  12. Jostate

    Josh Duggar arrested by Feds in Arkansas

    Understood. My apologies. 19 is an a lot though. I don't watch reality TV but I'll confess I watched a few of these when it first started. It was interesting to see how they made it all work. They are organized and the kids all have to pull their load. To be fair I'd say I did like their...
  13. Jostate


    I am. I'm too young to turn into my mom wringing her hands about one more scary thing. I did the masks, I'm fully vaccinated. I'm ready to take my chances.
  14. Jostate


    Sorry to hear that. Take it easy and only expend efforts eating and giving thumbs up to my posts on here.
  15. Jostate


    Making kids wear masks as they play outside is stupid, but not quite as stupid as calling it child abuse. It's like comparing cupcake wars to real wars.
  16. Jostate


    Don't tell me this. I've been walking around like I'm bullet proof.
  17. Jostate

    Facebook under fire for encouraging border crisis with ads for human smugglers, cartels: Rep. Kat Cammack

    You make such cogent and thoughtful contributions to the discussion.
  18. Jostate

    Trump issues statement claiming he won 2020 election, blames, Voter Fraud, Pence, Cheney, and McConnell for loss

    That would go almost as well as the idiot who started the pillow company to put the My pillow guy out of business.