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  1. NinjaPoke

    Loyal & True. Cowboy Basketball 20’-21’ Season Ends in a Second Round Exit against Oregon State. Pokes Finish 21-9 Overall. Proud and Immortal #NewEra

    Welcome to March Madness. This thread will be the continuation of the Pokes tournament progress. Cowboys survive Round of 64 against the Liberty flames. Catch the highlights: On Sunday, Cowboys will be facing Oregon State from the PAC-12 @ 8:40 PM on TBS. Oregon...
  2. NinjaPoke

    Cowboy Basketball: UT defeats OSU in Big 12 Championship Game. Pokes are #4 Seed and will play #13 Seed Liberty on FRIDAY

    Welcome to the Big 12 Tournament MEGATHREAD. OSU is on a ROLL. Pokes defeat Baylor in the semi-finals. Catch the highlights: Quarter Finals Highlights: Big XII Tournament Championship Finals will be against Texas on Saturday. ESPN 6PM
  3. NinjaPoke

    #17 Cowboys WIN!!! Pokes defeats #6 WVU 85-80 WITHOUT Cade and Ice, AA 31pts. Cowboys finish 18-7, 11-7 in Conference. Big 12 Tournament THURSDAY.

    Job well done...done job well. HIGHLIGHTS:
  4. NinjaPoke

    #17 Cowboys (17-7, 10-7) loses to #3 Baylor 70-81. LAST Game on Saturday against #6 West Virgina

    #17 Cowboys (10-6, 17-6) will be traveling to Waco, Texas to face the #3 Baylor Bears. Bears caught the Pokes with our hands tied to our back in the first meeting. Cowboys had a valiant effort in the first half (leading at the half), but got gassed in the second. Pokes were short handed with...
  5. NinjaPoke

    #17 COWBOYS SWEEP THE #16 SOONERS. Pokes are on a FIVE Win Winning Streak. State is 10-6, 17-6, Overall. @ #3 Baylor THURSDAY. Sweep #4. #NewEra

    Game 1 and Game 2 of Bedlam Basketball will be consolidated in this thread. Cowboys win against the Sooners in OT in Game 1. Jump to page 20 for GAME 2 Discussion of Bedlam. Welcome to the last week of Cowboy Basketball for the regular Season. Your OSU Cowboys are in a 4x winning streak with...
  6. NinjaPoke

    Cowboys SWEEP the #18 RED RAIDERS. OSU is 8-6 in Conference, 15-6 Overall! BEDLAM @ # 7 OU. Saturday. 3x Winning Streak in Conference

    Cowboys are coming off a 2 win streak against Big 12 Foes. Pokes are sitting at 7-6 in conference. Tomorrow, Pokes will host the Red Raiders in GIA. A win tomorrow would make Tech our 3rd team to sweep this season. Pokes will face the Sooners in Norman on Saturday as well. The Baylor and WVU...
  7. NinjaPoke

    Cowboy Basketball: Pokes are now 7-6 in with SWEEP over ISU. Baylor Game POSTPONED. Tech Next Monday (22nd)

    Cowboys will host ISU tomorrow in GIA. Pokes are looking to be above .500 conference. This marks our last 5 games with BU coming up this Saturday. A win tomorrow night will make ISU our second team sweep with KSU being our first victim.
  8. NinjaPoke

    #23 Cowboys Sweep the Wildcats. Pokes are 6-6 in Big 12. 6 Games Left. ISU on TUESDAY GIA.

    Cowboys look to bounce back on Saturday against KSU in GIA. Pokes 5-6 in conference with a win against KSU earlier in the season.
  9. NinjaPoke

    Cowboy Basketball: KU defeats OSU in Allenfield House. Series Split. Next up KSU on Saturday.

    Congratulations Pokes. We are finally ranked in the AP Poll sitting at #23. We have 8 games left in the regular season, with KU today, KSU, Saturday. Pokes are now 5-5 in conference. We are officially in late season. [
  10. NinjaPoke

    Cowboys takes down #6 Texas in Double Overtime! OSU is GOOD. #23 KU Next

    We hit a snag on Tuesday. Time to make up for this afternoon. Go POKES beat the LONGHORNS.
  11. NinjaPoke

    #24 Cowboy Basketball gets Swept by TCU. #4 Texas Longhorns on SATURDAY in GIA.

    Welcome to halfway point of the Cowboys Big 12 regular season. This week we play TCU on Wednesday and #4 Texas on Saturday. As for today's topic, the Pokes will be traveling to DFW to face the Horned Frogs. TCU has handed the Pokes their first loss of the season. This lost still haunts even...
  12. NinjaPoke

    Cowboys (11-4) WIN against Arkansas Razorbacks! HMCB 3-1 in Big 12/SEC. @ TCU on WEDNESDAY

    Cowboys will host the Big 12/Sec challenge against Arkansas this Saturday in GIA
  13. NinjaPoke

    Cowboys (10-4) defeats ISU 81-60. Pokes are 4-4 in Big 12. Next Up Arkansas in GIA SATURDAY. Big 12/SEC. HCMB is 2-1 in challenge

    Cowboys will travel to Ames to face the Cyclones. Coverage will be on ESPN2
  14. NinjaPoke

    Cowboy Basketball (9-4, 3-4): With Cade and Walker out, Baylor Defeats the Pokes. Next up ISU on MONDAY

    Cowboys will host the Baylor Bears in GIA. Coverage will be on CBS at 1PM. Pokes are NOT, I repeat....we’re NOT 100%. It’s unclear who is all missing due to COVID protocol but this will be a skeletal crew on Saturday. This is just a rumor, though.
  15. NinjaPoke

    Cowboy Basketball BEDLAM Edition has been POSTPONED. Next up #2 Baylor NEXT Saturday (Jan 23rd) The next game was supposed to be #13 WVU....but they postponed it as well. #2 Baylor is scheduled for Saturday.
  16. NinjaPoke

    Cowboy Basketball (9-3) takes down the #6 Kansas Jayhawks. OSU IS GOOD! BEDLAM on Saturday

    Welcome to Rivalry week. Cowboys will be hosting the #6 Kansas Jayhawks today and the Oklahoma Sooners in BEDLAM on Saturday. For today’s Matchup, Kansas will be coming into town looking to win their 5th game in a row against the Cowboys. Pokes are currently on a 8 game loosing streak against...
  17. NinjaPoke

    Cowboys (8-3) WIN 74-50 in Manhattan against KSU. Pokes are 2-3 in Big 12. #6 Kansas on TUESDAY

    Welcome to Big 12 basketball. Pokes are entering the 5th conference game to face the unranked Wildcats. unranked team. Pokes last three games were against the top #14 teams of the nation. Cowboys are only 1 win out of three games though. Those losses? Combined loss of 6 points or 2...
  18. NinjaPoke

    Cowboy Basketball: #14 WVU beats the Pokes (7-3) in a heartbreaking 19 point lead drop. KSU on SATURDAY*

    GIA will be showcased on Prime Time television with the OSU Cowboys hosting the #14 WVU Mountaineers. Cowboys had won their first Big 12 game against the now #18 TTU team on the road. HCMB curse of starting Big 12 play with at least 6 losses has been lifted. Also, Pokes 3 game loosing streak in...
  19. NinjaPoke

    Cowboys (7-2) WIN 82-77 OT against #13 Texas Tech. Next up #9 WVU in GIA MONDAY

    Cowboys win big in Lubbock. Cowboys are now 1-2 in Big 12, 6-2 overall. Next up #9 WVU in GIA. Catch the Highlights
  20. NinjaPoke

    Cowboy Basketball: Texas defeats the Pokes (6-2) 74-77. 2 Week Winter Intermission. Next up TTU on Jan 2nd.

    Cowboys (6-1) will travel to Austin to face the Longhorns (5-1). Texas will be the first top 25 team that the Pokes will face. Marquette, Wichita State, and TCU were our toughest opponents thus far..Texas will ultimately but our first trie test. As of Saturday December 19th, the game will be...