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    Even the USPS is spying on you...

    The U.S. Postal Service admitted during a Wednesday meeting to spying on citizens with its law enforcement arm, claiming it worked with other agencies to track Americans' social media posts. Chief Postal Inspector Gary Barksdale briefed lawmakers on the Oversight Committee regarding the program...
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    Missouri returning to Big 12!

    For wrestling that is...
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    Derek Chauvin verdict

    If you were unlucky enough to be a juror on this trial, is there is any way you don't return a guilty verdict.? Out of fear for my family, I would vote guilty with no hesitation. I feel for these jurors. For the record I think he will be found guilty and it will be overturned at some point. I...
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    Marvelous Marvin Hagler - RIP

    Hard to believe he's gone.. only 66 years old. One of the all time greats. That fight with Hearns was brutal. I never thought he Leonard could beat him.
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    Fry's Electronics Stores closing

    Fry's was the coolest electronics store ever... :(
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    Andrew Yang for Mayor of NYC

    NYC Mayoral Democratic Primary Polling: Yang: 28% Adams: 17% Stringer: 13% Donovan: 8% Wiley: 8% Garcia: 2% Morales: 2% McGuire: 2% Can he win it?
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    2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills

    The PGA Championship is headed back to Southern Hills next year, the Oklahoma course that gets its eighth major championship earlier than expected!!