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  1. fratdaddy

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    I know hope springs eternal around here, but does anyone else have a strong gut feeling that the Pokes could go on a tear this year? Everything I'm seeing and hearing indicates a great off-season thus far, and Gundy always does well whenever a certain amount of grief and anxiety bubbles up for...
  2. fratdaddy

    Get ready for Boynton's annual 2nd half coach-up

    We've seen some amazing highs and lows (TCU, really?) already! We are looking good overall and getting better week by week. Boynton teams always drop a bunch of games as soon as Big 12 play begins, then go through a phase of excruciating close losses, and then start to peak and win a bunch...
  3. fratdaddy

    Any way we could get Tom Herman as OC?

    I'd happily donate a couple hundred if we could make a play for Herman. He might just take it if we could offer at least $2 million, and also considering that Gundy won't coach forever. There is probably not a better offensive coach available right now. Hard to fault a guy for failing to turn...
  4. fratdaddy

    Gundy/HC threads merged

    The football program is a shambles, having lost all momentum and positive direction, and most people want Gundy's head on a pike. No matter what, it will always be a shame to fire your winningest coach in disgrace, even if he is a disgrace. Saving face here is best for everyone. We need a...