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  1. Well

    O'Brate men's restroom

    Betting on plumbing or security.
  2. Well

    Matt Gaetz under investigation for sex trafficking

    Man, that was my first thought.
  3. Well

    Baltimore no longer prosecuting crime

    Had to look it up, District Attorneys are subject to removal statutes in Oklahoma, not just getting ousted by popular vote.
  4. Well


    Only thing I want to see when the Appeal is decide, is the lawsuit.
  5. Well

    Baltimore no longer prosecuting crime

    Don't believe this is the first time this has been tried. I remember some stink in Texas with some prosecutor trying something similar. It's been awhile since I've looked at some of this, but I'm not sure its a crime for a prosectuor to not prosecute, but it could be used as a basis for removal.
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    Cowgirl Basketball 2020-21 Season

    Cowgirls playing hard to the end. Looked good today.
  7. Well

    Cowgirl Basketball 2020-21 Season

    The stadium looks so dark.
  8. Well

    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Mizuno Classic

    late push. Need the outs
  9. Well

    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Mizuno Classic

    good hit by the Wichita state girl.
  10. Well

    COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: Mizuno Classic

    And almost hit the pitcher.
  11. Well

    Loyal & True. Cowboy Basketball 20’-21’ Season Ends in a Second Round Exit against Oregon State. Pokes Finish 21-9 Overall. Proud and Immortal #NewEra

    lol! I like this. If I understand correctly, completely agree. We need to play to our abilities, show no mercy, play our game. Not theirs. If we stay our course, this should be a 20 point win. I just don't want to be up by 19 at half. That has proven to be somewhat problematic.
  12. Well

    NOTICE NCAA Tournament Challenge

    I took OSU for the win.
  13. Well

    OSU SOFTBALL vs Tulsa @ 1 on ESPN+

    Nice job by the Cowgirls. Pennington really smacked that home run.
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    Student Loan Cancellation Sets Up Clash Between Biden and the Left

    The basic issues with federal student loan debt is interest capitalization, it's predatory in application, and non-bankruptable. Get government out of the loan business, and re-instill the option of bankruptcy, just like every other indebtedness. Loan forgiveness will do nothing except for...
  15. Well

    Cowboys (8-3) WIN 74-50 in Manhattan against KSU. Pokes are 2-3 in Big 12. #6 Kansas on TUESDAY

    We are playing to the level of our opponent. That must change.
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    VOTE! Election thread

    Because apple and google have agendas of persuasion that must be adhered to. Those agendas are not based on the U.S. Constitution.
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    VOTE! Election thread

    I agree this whole process should be started over. Beginning with dissolving the republican and democrat parties, repealing all laws that give them preference and money, with every politician now sitting resigning and the States starting over with new people. The new people being mandated that...