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  1. coloradocowboy

    Wyndham Golf

    Talor Gooch in the clubhouse after two rounds of 65. Currently tied first.
  2. coloradocowboy

    3M Golf

    Gooch, Wolff and Van Pelt all in top ten after two rounds. CHIII, Noren and Uihlein all made the cut. Ventura missed.
  3. coloradocowboy

    We Wish You the Best on Your 84th, Mr. Sutton

    May this be your year, finally, for the HOF.
  4. coloradocowboy

    Mason Rudolph on IR

    Shoulder injury.
  5. coloradocowboy

    What a Shame (Illinois vs Maryland)

    Underwood and Illinois choked a 15 pt 2nd half lead at Maryland. Maryland only led twice, 3-2 and 60-59 at the buzzer.
  6. coloradocowboy

    Johnny Pittman??

    I just got an email saying my donation to his Gofundme is being refunded. Anyone know what's happening?
  7. coloradocowboy

    3M Open

    4 Cowboys in the top 11. Wolff T2, Clark T5, Hovland T11, and CHIII T8.
  8. coloradocowboy

    Help an Old Guy

    My two favorite players from my OSU years were Walt Garrison and Harry Cheatwood. Harry was a All American and I remember him being undersized. Does anyone know his playing weight and height? Many thanks.
  9. coloradocowboy

    Happy Birthday, Mr Sutton

    He is 83 today. May this be the HOF year.
  10. coloradocowboy

    Arnold Palmer

    Rickie, CHIII and Hovland all T72 @+2. Mahan is probably a no hoper.
  11. coloradocowboy

    Rickie Really Close

    2 shot lead on 18, lies 2 just off the green. Chips close, should be a par and a bogey wins.
  12. coloradocowboy

    Underwood Still Looking Great (not)

    He currently has Illinois all the way up to a last place tie in the B10, at 4-11 and 0-4. I'm glad he is in Urbana.
  13. coloradocowboy


    7-2 vs 2-7. Illinois might be sorry for what they wished.