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  1. CocoCincinnati

    NCAA threatens pulling Women's College World Series in OKC over Transgender athletes bill

    That should please the patriarchy...they don't want any record of biological women accomplishing something.
  2. CocoCincinnati

    Facebook under fire for encouraging border crisis with ads for human smugglers, cartels: Rep. Kat Cammack

    Facebook is too busy fighting against free speech to waste time fighting against human trafficking. One has to have priorities I guess. BUT, anybody who complains about Facebook while still logging in every day for their fix has their own priorities and it isn't holding Facebook accountable...
  3. CocoCincinnati

    FBI agents shoots and kills man in front of CIA HQ

    What a shocker. Defund the FBI.
  4. CocoCincinnati

    Trump issues statement claiming he won 2020 election, blames, Voter Fraud, Pence, Cheney, and McConnell for loss

    If he could keep his freaking mouth shut he'd still be president.
  5. CocoCincinnati

    Elizabeth City NC police shooting

    100% agree. The election was not stolen as our former president said and Georgia's new ejection laws are not a return to the Jim Crow era as our current president said. They should both zip it.
  6. CocoCincinnati

    NCAA threatens pulling Women's College World Series in OKC over Transgender athletes bill

    Maybe Caitlyn realized from that event how unfair it was and caused her to rethink her beliefs on the issue. Maybe Caitlyn is simply a hypocrite like most other celebrities and politicians. I don't know but it will be fun to watch how quickly the left turns on a trans person for daring to have...
  7. CocoCincinnati

    Josh Duggar arrested by Feds in Arkansas

    He'll be the molestee in prison. Some bit of justice at least.
  8. CocoCincinnati

    Consolidated Basketball Recruiting 2021

    I do like the transfers we have so far, just wondering how many 6'7" wing/4s we need. We already have MAM and Keylan. We need ball handlers, we need shooters, we need a big man who can bang with others down low. The bad thing about Anderson not hiring an agent is that we have to keep a scholly...
  9. CocoCincinnati

    Critical race theory in Idaho

    I'd send Coach Yoast out to talk to the officials.
  10. CocoCincinnati

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    To be fair, Georgia must think Monkens offense has something to offer in the present, not just the past. I'd take Monkens back in a heartbeat and wouldn't look at it as reverting. That being said, Monken is not coming back, Dunn is our offensive coordinator and I'm optimistic that he can be a...
  11. CocoCincinnati

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    I'm not expecting us to win the big 12 every year. Would just like to see us make the conference championship game every once in a while. In 4 years, half the teams in the conference have made it so it's not like it's an impossible goal. To be fair, that game IS only 4 years old and there...
  12. CocoCincinnati

    and the free agency begins . . .

    I'm not so much worried about the rich getting richer, heck that was already happening under the old transfer rules to some degree. This new system is bad because of how it will impact the players who weren't freshman all american. How many hundreds of players are going to find out they don't...
  13. CocoCincinnati

    Even the USPS is spying on you...

    A perfect example of big government bureaucracy at work. A program that loses money on its normal operations, spending even more money on something it has no business doing. Why does the usps even have a law enforcement arm? Can the FBI not investigate and enforce laws that apply to mail...
  14. CocoCincinnati

    Elizabeth City NC police shooting

    So it looks like the FBI was a bit premature in opening a civil rights investigation. Is it too much to expect better from the FBI than we do from the sensationalizing, ratings driven media or has that ship sailed.
  15. CocoCincinnati

    Elizabeth City NC police shooting

    So what? Do people have the right to file a foi request to learn the identity of undercover agents or officers? The fisa courts are public entities, can we just publish those cases in a weekly newspaper column? We live in an age where police officers are tried, convicted and condemned in the...
  16. CocoCincinnati

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    All depends on OLine.
  17. CocoCincinnati

    Spring Game Players to Watch

    I think Illingsworth has a higher ceiling than Sanders and definitely has a better deep ball but he's not there yet. Hard to tell in a scrimmage since pocket awareness has been Sanders biggest weakness and obviously that isn't an issue when the QB's are off limits. Both missed some...
  18. CocoCincinnati

    Spring Game Players to Watch

    On the topic of being televised, I've been listening to xm college sports and almost every spring game they talked about from other power 5 conferences are being televised on their respective conference networks. Heard this morning that the texas spring game is of course televised on the LHN...
  19. CocoCincinnati

    Derek Chauvin verdict

    Double standard gonna double standard.
  20. CocoCincinnati

    Derek Chauvin verdict

    I understand the point you are making but it's a double edged sword. Flip that around. If the officers had arrived while the initial attack was still going on and tried non lethal means to stop it, and failed, resulting in the victim being killed by the attackers, all of a sudden you have...