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  1. TheMonkey

    Austin police: Texas linebacker Jake Ehlinger found dead off campus

    Sam’s little brother. Prayers for their family and loved ones.
  2. TheMonkey

    Treasury Dept. Links Trump Campaign to Election Interference by Russia

    I'm sharing this because someone on the board recently stated I was a "loony" and "not sane" for believing the Trump Campaign had anything to do with the Russians meddling in our election. This was the missing link in the Mueller Report and the Senate Intelligence reports. It came out this week...
  3. TheMonkey

    Landon Wolf enters transfer portal

  4. TheMonkey

    Baltimore Explosion

    Assuming this was a gas pipe explosion, but who knows?
  5. TheMonkey

    and Boynton Laughs

    As far as comedy goes, this is gold Jerry! Gold! 8th place in the Big XII? Boynton just laughs.
  6. TheMonkey

    Leach on Twitter

    His feed is a fun read. A bit cathartic in the midst of the current climate.
  7. TheMonkey

    Knowles and Our Defensive Evolution

    At the beginning of the season, the jury was still out on Jim Knowles as our DC. Several on this forum claimed he was an idiot or that Gundy was forcing him to do things outside his knowledge/abilities. I was not convinced Gundy had made the right choice, but the last several games are changing...
  8. TheMonkey

    Tylan Wallace Athlon AA 1st Team

    I didn’t see this mentioned elsewhere. Nice acknowledgement of TW by Athlon Sports.