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  1. cowboyinexile

    PFB blog

    They are the ones fanning the flames today. I barely heard of OAN before today and personally I think it's good that kids now have a voice that previous generations didn't have. I hope both the players and coaches learn from events today and use their combined platforms to make the world a...
  2. cowboyinexile

    Rise of Skywalker

    What did everyone think? I'm a little surprised that it's not getting decent reviews. The critics loved TLJ and although it had its moments in hindsight it was a disappointment and that is being kind. After one viewing I'd call this one better than anything the middle trilogy had and...
  3. cowboyinexile

    Kentucky Governor's race

    I think they just elected a Democrat. In Kentucky and it was over a guy Trump was campaigning for. Thats weird.
  4. cowboyinexile