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  1. OranGE-KK

    NCAA threatens pulling Women's College World Series in OKC over Transgender athletes bill

    I remember seeing Bruce Jenner's golf skills, I doubt the transition improved his/her game. At most, its hypocritical pandering due to the current climate. Dunno why anyone expects any different from a politician, experienced or wannabe.
  2. OranGE-KK

    Elizabeth City NC police shooting

    I'll never understand how people can act like this toward another person for absolutely no reason. F her.
  3. OranGE-KK

    Matt Gaetz under investigation for sex trafficking

    I'm OK with just that much right there. If they're responsible for creating laws, they need to be able to follow them. All of them. No leeway given from me.
  4. OranGE-KK

    Bedlam Baseball

    The short time I got to listen on the radio, I thought Rex described McLean as basically done for the year.
  5. OranGE-KK

    Colorado PAUSE act

    Anal swabs to test for excessive meat consumption?
  6. OranGE-KK

    Equestrian Future

    Yes, I was just trying to relate the cost aspect of getting started through becoming proficient at it.
  7. OranGE-KK

    The Biden Administration Thread

    Also, I noticed while Biden was deep into his gun control section, the camera switched to Ted Cruz who, seemingly intentionally, turned to show the "COME AND TAKE IT" on his mask. Followed by the next time a few minutes later the camera panned to him & he was falling asleep....
  8. OranGE-KK


    For the record*. The argument of masks being bad for the environment seems to me as more of a people problem than a mask problem. Like so many other things in the world, this seems like just another example of people sucking in general. *This is the expressed opinion of a non AV member who...
  9. OranGE-KK

    The Biden Administration Thread

    Rahm Emanuel in response to Biden's speech- "People who have had success have an obligation to the rest of us..." FFS
  10. OranGE-KK

    Officers filmed laughing at video dislocating 73 yr old dementia patients arm during arrest

    I see where you're going, but to his credit, @Jostate isn't ALL hyperbole...
  11. OranGE-KK

    Equestrian Future

    I look at it like golf, which has also been talked about as a cost-prohibitive sport for people of less means. While you may be provided all the equipment, green fees, etc once you are a member of a competitive team, nobody is lining up to do that for someone who's never picked up a club...
  12. OranGE-KK

    Equestrian Future

    I think what these guys are taking into account, is that nobody just takes up equestrian as a competitive sport when they show up to college. They've probably been doing it since they were extremely young, so while they may be provided all the facilities & amenities needed when they are...
  13. OranGE-KK


    It wasn't. Today has been a struggle. No sleep & woke up running 101.8 fever with chills & aches. Good news is, I know exactly what the cause is & the shot has obviously done its job. But damn, I'm zapped... I'm ready to get back up to snuff & go lick some handrails or bus seats!
  14. OranGE-KK


    So far just a tinge of soreness; I'd rate it about even with shot #1.
  15. OranGE-KK

    Elizabeth City NC police shooting

    Pretty sure he may be one of the family attorneys.
  16. OranGE-KK


    Got stuck the second time today (Moderna) before my shift started tonight. Hoping for little if any symptoms.
  17. OranGE-KK

    Angelo Ferrari, and other OSU potential wrestling targets

    Sounds like a lot of in state studs are Freshmen/Sophomores
  18. OranGE-KK

    OU Football Players Suspect in Armed Robbery

    Is it though? I think in this case, a silent/compliant victim would have negated the need for a getaway driver.
  19. OranGE-KK

    Equestrian Future

    If you ordered your equestrian program off