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  1. OrangeFan69

    Los Angeles Watch Party

    Hey good people, I run the OSU - Alumni Association Los Angeles Watch Party Los Angeles JUST opened their sports bars in time for St. Patricks and March Madness. If you know anyone in the Los Angeles metro area that would be interested in the watch parties, PLEASE send them this and let me know!!
  2. OrangeFan69

    Cancel Culture!!!

    Two hours apart. The Republican Party, in two tweets. ">March 4, 2021
  3. OrangeFan69

    Senator busted lying about military service

    Stolen glory is a pretty shady thing to do. Do you agree? Yes or Yes? In fairness, no one expected someone from Arkansas to read the entire campaign ad. Lot of multi-syllabic words...
  4. OrangeFan69

    The crying about the OC thread.

    If we wanted to get those extra 14 practices we could have hired a legit offensive coordinator ( that had job offers from any other P5 school in the country; you know, like most top 25 teams do) whose game plan didn’t include 4 turnovers to Texas and grabbing our ankles to OU during our scripted...
  5. OrangeFan69

    NYC citizen didn't need a gun to de-escalate attempted kidnapping
  6. OrangeFan69

    A lot of negativity on this board for a team that's in first place of the Big 12

    And #14 Nationally. There seems to be a weird mood. Our team is good, not elite. But Cheer up, we have a chance to punch the school in Norman in the mouth on national TV. Put on your Big Boy pants up and cheer up fellas.
  7. OrangeFan69

    Thoughts and prayers out to Donald Trump's senior advisor and family Brad Parscale, the former campaign manager for President Donald Trump, was hospitalized Sunday in Florida after his wife called police to say he planned to harm himself. Police...
  8. OrangeFan69

    Congratulations to the Great State of Texas

    For stepping up to the plate and working together to take third place in Covid-19 deaths from California. It took a team effort, from the governor, to local businesses, local politicians to the patriots screaming about their rights. A lot of people would look at national lowering trends...
  9. OrangeFan69

    Seating Capacity

    NFL Teams are informing their season ticket holders that they are expecting 25% capacity in best case scenario.
  10. OrangeFan69

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing Baker Mayfield flounder professionally

    I admit it. I am a hater. It's unhealthy, but it is a very hateable guy.
  11. OrangeFan69

    Nick Saban vs. Mike Gundy

    I really wish Mike Gundy would have had the forsight to be on the front of this matter. Coach Gundy addressed it in his response. But Nick Saban embraced the position. I do have questions about the organization; but have zero qualms with saying the phrase Black Lives Matter...
  12. OrangeFan69

    The Woody Hayes of basketball
  13. OrangeFan69

    Should the NCAA be dissolved?

    In light of how all-over-the-place rules are enforced?
  14. OrangeFan69

    WFAA: Texas Republican Businessman Trump voter IGNORED BY HEALTH DEPT
  15. OrangeFan69

    Take your mind of the chaos and check out this Big Country documentary

    This is an awesome documentary by a Vancouver filmmaker who was obsessed with Big Country; It's a lot of stuff we know, some stuff we don't and it's impressive how sports can cross bridges and motivate people. I was impressed with Bryant, his friends and former teammates and Kat the filmmaker...
  16. OrangeFan69

    Oklahoma State University is not committed to basketball success

    We have not made a Sweet 16 since 2004-05. Annually we're in the bottom clump of teams in the Big 12 with Iowa State and TCU We aren't developing NBA Players - Only Marcus Smart. We aren't hiring established coaches - 1) Travis Ford left/was shown the door to coach in the Saint Louis and...
  17. OrangeFan69

    How is Oklahoma doing as a state?

    I was born in Tulsa and moved out full time in 2004. I have been back for a months (had a mother who was passing away, and worked on a political campaign) at a time, but haven't lived there full time since. I get a skewed view from afar, but I was wondering what the overall happiness level is...
  18. OrangeFan69

    KTLA: California Law Would Allow College Athletes to Be Paid

    Personally, I listened to a great two-sided interview about this on NPR this morning. Personally, I think it's a great thing. Schools should make their money, but if we're talking the likeness of a jersey sale or a video game likeness. It's absurd that the NCAA takes all of that power away...