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  1. OkstateKerr

    Oklahoma State Baseball VS Texas

    Texas coming to town this weekend for a pivotal series. Looks like tonight's game might get rained out so probably a double header tomorrow. Need to find a way to get at least 2 of these.
  2. OkstateKerr

    OSU Baseball vs APB

    Didn't see a game thread so I thought I would kick one off. Currently taking them to the wood shed. 7-0 Bottom second. Still no outs. Bats remain hot.
  3. OkstateKerr

    Mike Boynton Extension Someone posted this in another thread but felt...
  4. OkstateKerr

    Bill Young Passed Away Former OSU Defensive Coordinator Bill Young passed away at 74.
  5. OkstateKerr

    All Big 12 Basketball Honors Cade was Big 12 player of the year, freshman of the year, all freshman team, all newcomer team and first team all Big 12. Ice was honorable mention all big 12. AA not winning most improved is highway robbery
  6. OkstateKerr

    Injured QB thread

    Was listening to the Franchise this morning and they reported that Spencer Sanders has some sort of ligament issue in his injured hand and Dru Brown might start this weekend. Anyone heard anything?