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  1. CowboyHoopsPride

    ou/Texas outcome?

    I’ve had two different conversations with OSU fans about the game in Dallas this Saturday. Curious about the board, who do we want to win? What benefits us the most? Both team with two losses or a three loss ou team?
  2. CowboyHoopsPride

    3 Quarters.....

    WTF? Totally wasted the defense’s performance and let them stay in the game. Why does the mullet do this?
  3. CowboyHoopsPride

    Bedlam Record Poll

    I saw a tweet after Bedlam that caught my attention. Wondered what the mood of the fans on this board is. In no way is this a thread about Gundy or our program in general, more about the mood or "culture" if you will, of the fanbase. It's been interesting to watch multiple comments and...
  4. CowboyHoopsPride


    You guys ripping on teenage kids playing a game need to reevaluate things. That’s ridiculously goonerish of you. It’s college football, it’s not important enough for you to trash on kids more than half your age playing for your team. I’m all for questioning decisions and pointing out mistakes...
  5. CowboyHoopsPride

    Little Xii fines Tech AD

    $25,000 He basically came out and agreed with their statement that they had screwed up. They then fine him. Only putting this on the OSU board because when you read the responses to the various publications, it's staggering how often ut and ou fans reply with all the times they think they've...