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  1. crimsonhater

    Oklahoma State Baseball VS Texas

    Don’t want to start a fire but of our decade of pitchers the past several years, have we had one reach the big leagues and make an impact? I know Hatch was recent but it feels like we get a whole lot more scars each year than pitcher draft picks. I know Rob is the “wizard” and many guys...
  2. crimsonhater

    Spring Game Players to Watch

    OL 1s and 2s. Offense can’t do crap without a line. Did we fix the injury bug and holes?
  3. crimsonhater

    Football 2022 ATH Braylin Presley Committed to OSU

    Braylin is a game changer like his brother. Now put the ball in their hands and get out of the way. Should not have taken Brennan 13 games to get the ball. Motion, sweeps, screens, hand offs etc etc give these two young men the ball. Would love to see him at slot and Brennan at outside and the...
  4. crimsonhater

    OSU Baseball at TCU

    Been a whole lot of elbow scars the past 8 years also
  5. crimsonhater

    OSU Baseball at TCU

    Why do you not walk bases loaded then a tough play in the hole or a swinging bunt or a tough play down the line you have a chance to get an out and not forced to throw to first? So we throw to a DH with multiple hits? This whole damn season has been full of inconsistency, lack of leadership...
  6. crimsonhater

    Men's Basketball Bryce Thompson to transfer

    Another big fish in a bigger pond. Great family and young man but he wanted to be the Alpha at a blue blood. He’s a shooter. That’s his M.O. the big 12 has many 6’7-8” defenders who stick on you like glue, ask Dizzy & Ferron. Teams took away his strength and he was injured so hard to compete...
  7. crimsonhater

    New Softball Stadium

    What does he and Gasso make in comparison?
  8. crimsonhater

    2020 Roundup and 2021/22 Wrestling

    We got top classes because of Tyler and Chris. They have young personalities that are challenging kids to continue to be the best at the best university. Just feels the past decade most guys haven’t gotten developed to be finalists. There’s been a long stagnancy with our teams. Yes one or two...
  9. crimsonhater

    Loyal & True. Cowboy Basketball 20’-21’ Season Ends in a Second Round Exit against Oregon State. Pokes Finish 21-9 Overall. Proud and Immortal #NewEra

    Veteran teams have poise, maturity and mental toughness. They had SR SR SR JR SOPH We had JR FR SOPH SOPH FR Starting. There’s a reason Kentucky doesn’t win it every yr with freshmen 5 stars. Teams like Senior-led Butler X2 and the 2004 OSU team full of 23 yos seem to succeed more.
  10. crimsonhater

    2020 Roundup and 2021/22 Wrestling

    Would love to see how our teams looked 12-15+ yrs ago when we were dominating. It’s weird seeing guys ranked in the 20s and 30s at osu. I know several are freshmen but seriously why are we not connecting classes better? And why all the injuries? I know wrestling is stupid tough on the body but...
  11. crimsonhater

    Men's Basketball Enoch Boakye 2022 maybe reclassify as 2021

    If he goes to ASU it’s because he wants to score 25ppg. And the females
  12. crimsonhater

    Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

    Making shots keeps getting mentioned: that’s common sense. Ice & Rondel came in with hitches in their shots. 3/4 through season, both were in finger/thumb splints. Whatever their injuries, having a splint on throws off your mechanics. It’s like trying to put socks on with a bandaid on, it’s just...
  13. crimsonhater

    Missouri State at OSU baseball

    Was hoping he didn’t buckle slipping before the wall. Thanks! Hope Carson is available this year. Man baseball enthusiasm and expectations sure can change overnight
  14. crimsonhater

    Missouri State at OSU baseball

    Where’s cabbi?
  15. crimsonhater

    Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

    He doesn’t strike me as a guy to pour into Cade & all the freshmen then bolt? He’s had 3+ tumultuous opportunities. He doesn’t come across as hey thanks for the million, I’m leaving y’all. He seems like this is a family place that he enjoys & wants to raise the bar for Eddie!
  16. crimsonhater

    2021 NCAA Wrestling Championship: Megathread!

    my predictions were pretty predictable. Besides our big 3 I do t think we have much left to cheer for. Maybe 1-2 others can AA if we are lucky
  17. crimsonhater

    2021 NCAA Wrestling Championship: Megathread!

    Someone explain all our injuries the past few years. KaidX3. Hone. Sheets. BooX2. Plott. we go from a top 3 team every yr to fighting for a top 5 finish at nationals.
  18. crimsonhater

    2021 NCAA Wrestling Championship: Megathread!

    Only story lines... Fix should win it all. Favored Boo hopefully can finish top 3 to end his long Cowboy career Can AJ disrupt the top seeds and sneak into the semis? hopefully Wittlake and Plott can AA
  19. crimsonhater

    #17 Cowboys WIN!!! Pokes defeats #6 WVU 85-80 WITHOUT Cade and Ice, AA 31pts. Cowboys finish 18-7, 11-7 in Conference. Big 12 Tournament THURSDAY.

    The things Coach B has provided are hope and energy. Just like a coach G in softball and Holliday in baseball energy sells and breeds excitement. 3wks ago we looked like we would finish #8 and praying to get to .500. Now we are 11-7 in conference which is insane without Ice. Having this close...
  20. crimsonhater

    Justice Hill again tweets cryptically about his experience with OSU

    What instigated his tweets? Was he doing an interview? I know several players do not associate with OSU after leaving and not all were because of the portal or left for injuries. There appears to be a trend of more than just 1-2 alumni with similar patterns. I know there were some tongue in...