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  1. Sutton4ever

    Finalist for Sahvir Wheeler

    Impressive stat line for player from Georgia, originally from Houston. Jeff Goodman tweeted we were a finalist of like 10 schools with heavy hitters like Kentucky and Kansas on there. Biggest issue I see is he's...
  2. Sutton4ever

    DePaul Transfer Top 3 Also mentions many of the names on threads. The kid from Coastal Carolina has like 30 schools, many big name schools, after him. Not as much sure about the kid from UTEP.
  3. Sutton4ever

    New Mexico Transfer Bayron Matos Apparently we offered this kid.
  4. Sutton4ever

    Jayden Gardner East Carolina transfer we are in the mix with
  5. Sutton4ever

    Jalen Cone Virginia Tech Transfer

    Jeff Goodman says we are final 5 for this kid
  6. Sutton4ever

    Would you rather? Basketball

    As it appears we are heading to and playing in the Big 12 tournament, it seems the NCAA will be allowing us to play in the postseason this year. This begs the question. Would you rather the ban be this season or next. As we are riding high with our recent performances, it feels like we would...
  7. Sutton4ever

    11-12-20 Basketball Practice

    A few thoughts on yesterday's basketball practice that they streamed. The starters looked rough. They were flat and uninspired. We are in the grind of the season, but I would have thought I would have seen more zip out of them. Seems his starters right now are Cade, Ice, Flavors, MAM, Kalib...
  8. Sutton4ever

    Live Practice Again Today Nov. 5 Should be interesting to see how they are coming along after a couple weeks. Jon Rothstein tweeted yesterday that they have been experimenting with Moncrief at the 5 some with small ball. Makes total sense with our lack of depth in the front court...
  9. Sutton4ever

    Big 12 Basketball Preseason Rankings

    1.Baylor (7) 79 2.Kansas (3) 73 3.West Virginia 61 4.Texas 58 5.Texas Tech 53 6.Oklahoma 39 7.Oklahoma State 35 8.Iowa State 19 9.TCU 18 10.Kansas State 15 Haven't seen this up. Not a total shocker here. We could argue we should be ahead of Oklahoma maybe with our incoming talent. I have...
  10. Sutton4ever

    Basketball Practice Thoughts

    I watched the first practice on YouTube. I was glad that I watched it that way instead of live so I could skip ahead through all the talking. First thing -- We are in a major overhaul on the offense. The new offense is NBA style offense with lots of dribble handoffs, ball screens and NBA...
  11. Sutton4ever

    Kalib Boone

    With news of Yor and Hiddie leaving along with Ice and Cade staying, this sets up to be a huge leap year for Kalib Boone. He was looking at splitting the 5 spot with Yor this year. Now he's staring down 30 plus minutes a game at the 5 if he can stay out of foul trouble. He was very productive on...
  12. Sutton4ever

    Basketball Team Expectations

    Ok. We have a really good idea what the roster is going to look like. I believe we still add a transfer 4man but I don't know that and we have a really good idea what it's going to look like. Barring our best player going out with Mono for over a month, what are you going to ecstatic about and...
  13. Sutton4ever

    Now that Non-Con is over....

    What are your predictions for conference season? We play true home and home schedule. We can either sweep a team, split with a team or go 0fer with a team. This is where my thoughts are. Tech (Split) Texas (Spit) Iowa State (Sweep or Split) K State (Sweep) Kansas (0 or split) TCU (Sweep or...
  14. Sutton4ever

    OSU vs Iowa State

    How's everyone feeling about the game tonight? We are 4pt dogs at home. We still haven't figured out our rotation. But, it's always hard to win that first road conference game, which is Iowa State's problem. I see they are giving away like 150 tickets, and you can buy others for $5...