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  1. pokeu3


  2. pokeu3


    Way to take back the lead with a great inning!!
  3. pokeu3


    Another great job by OSU. Let's get them tomorrow
  4. pokeu3

    Cowgirl Softball - Standings

    Can't overlook the non conference games too. We already lost to WSU this year and Tulsa put us in a dog fight in regionals 2019.
  5. pokeu3

    NCAA threatens pulling Women's College World Series in OKC over Transgender athletes bill

    Whether or not you agree with the bill, what do you want oklahoma to do? Keep the bill and lose the WCWS or dismiss the bill and keep the WCWS? The NCAA has a free speech just like everyone else does to decide how they run their business, just like people denying lgbt people the right to service...
  6. pokeu3

    Cowgirls Golf wins Big 12 !!!

    Way to go cowgirls!!!
  7. pokeu3

    Cowgirl Soccer NCAA tournament

    OSU got the 10th seed overall meaning they have a bye. They will play the winner of Colorado/South Alabma on 4/30. Way to go cowgirls!!!
  8. pokeu3


    Great work on the closeout for the sweep. Now the real big 12 competition begins
  9. pokeu3

    New Softball Stadium

    Coach G is bringing talent to stillwater with a stadium like that. The girls come to play for him. Imagine us getting this stadium while he is here.
  10. pokeu3

    New Softball Stadium

    Anything to keep coach G happy keeps me happy. He deserves it
  11. pokeu3

    Shaka Smart to Marquette

    Oh wow. I feel bad for tech, real bad.
  12. pokeu3

    Bedlam Baseball

    When I saw OU's football team having fun against us it made me really jealous. But seeing our basketball and baseball programs bring that energy it makes it even more fun to watch
  13. pokeu3

    Bedlam Baseball

    We basically split softball and baseball with them, the difference is that our softball team has made huge strides compared to OUs baseball team
  14. pokeu3

    Bedlam Baseball

    We beat our rival on a walk off in the 9th. A walk off always gets a celebration but against your rival is even more exciting.
  15. pokeu3

    Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

    Rondell has the capability to be that 3 shooter. He is our biggest one we need to focus on, he has a lot of upside.
  16. pokeu3

    Bedlam Baseball

    Holidays record against OU is just insane. Besides football we dominated OU this year
  17. pokeu3

    Mike Boynton Extension He makes me believe he can stand next to Eddie and Mr iba in the future. Thank you osu for keeping him and thank you to coach B for his dedication
  18. pokeu3

    Mike Boynton Extension

    100000% he is an inspiration for young athletes and a huge influence to college basketball. From what I heard from Fords time, the players took his practice like a joke and didn't respect him fully. Coach B has gained the trust of the players
  19. pokeu3


    I generally would say yes and yes but NCAA is under super fire right now. We could take them to court like the rumors were saying and we have a strong case given south Carolinas ruling. Idk if thr NCAA wants to deal with that, look how much fire they are under for the NCAAW tournament. It's...
  20. pokeu3

    Mike Boynton Extension

    Underwood didn't have a success year like Boynton. Those players were not his that took then to the tournament, he did not win the first game in the tournament. Boynton has had to climb mountains to even get to what we had this year. No recruits, kicking players off the team, redoing coaching...