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  1. fratdaddy

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    79 has a great point. The bowl win over a great Miami team is a big part of my optimism. I'm an Illingworth believer, but I'm also pretty excited for Sanders based on that. The only reason we beat Miami was that we did nothing but throw deep the first quarter, and they were expecting us to dink...
  2. fratdaddy

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    True, but if Sanders is still starting for another two years? The only "happy ending" I see is if Sanders has a good enough year to get drafted, which feels like a stretch based on success to date. Without Sanders getting drafted, this situation is going to come to a head and Gundy will be...
  3. fratdaddy

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    Losing Illingworth to the portal is, in my opinion, the #1 threat facing this team. Immediately after that, we'd lose Sanders for a month to an injured pinky. I guess Sanders' pinky, thumb, and hand would be the #2, #3, and #4 threats facing this team... Still, I expect an OSU qb to have a...
  4. fratdaddy

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    Matt Campbell has ISU "over the hump." They don't know what comes next, which for everyone else in the Big 12, has been "the plateau" (OSU, UT, TCU) or "the valley" (Baylor, TT, WVU, KSU). But who knows, in a decade, maybe ISU will find itself bragging about winning 68% of its games through...
  5. fratdaddy

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    Regarding OU, I'm just glad it finally got moved back to last game of the season, so the emotional hangover won't cause another L or two. I'd rather play OU twice in a row than weeks apart and have that game loom over the whole second half of the season. Bedlam Basketball Week was awesome, can...
  6. fratdaddy

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    I know hope springs eternal around here, but does anyone else have a strong gut feeling that the Pokes could go on a tear this year? Everything I'm seeing and hearing indicates a great off-season thus far, and Gundy always does well whenever a certain amount of grief and anxiety bubbles up for...
  7. fratdaddy

    Shaka Smart to Marquette

    I hope Sean gets it. Would be a very Boynton kinda move on their part. Best of luck to TT - sucks to lose a coach like that. Kinda embarrassing actually. Now I'm really hoping the post-season ban is overturned (like Georgia Tech), because next year is shaping up reeeeeal nice. Kansas is as...
  8. fratdaddy

    Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

    Just retain Mike Boynton and everything else will take care of itself.
  9. fratdaddy

    Cowboy Basketball: UT defeats OSU in Big 12 Championship Game. Pokes are #4 Seed and will play #13 Seed Liberty on FRIDAY

    I agree that Boynton should make what Gundy makes or maybe more, but John Smith has a job for life. Duke isn't firing Coach K... same thing with John Smith.
  10. fratdaddy

    Cowboy Basketball: UT defeats OSU in Big 12 Championship Game. Pokes are #4 Seed and will play #13 Seed Liberty on FRIDAY

    Woooooooooow How are we not a 2 seed? Could tie our highest ever...
  11. fratdaddy

    Big XII Coach Rankings

    This. The fact that people can even argue with this post is concerning for the academic integrity of our fanbase. Hopefully not alumni.
  12. fratdaddy

    Any way we could get Tom Herman as OC?

    You really think someone is a failed coach if they can't save Texa$ from itself? Never mind Mack killing it back in Chapel Hill. I was also very impressed by both Charlie Strong and Tom Herman's careers and track record up until their time in Austin. You can't honestly take that away from them...
  13. fratdaddy

    Get ready for Boynton's annual 2nd half coach-up

    We've seen some amazing highs and lows (TCU, really?) already! We are looking good overall and getting better week by week. Boynton teams always drop a bunch of games as soon as Big 12 play begins, then go through a phase of excruciating close losses, and then start to peak and win a bunch...
  14. fratdaddy

    Final Ranking?

    Yay we're #20 in a year when we should've finished Top Ten :vomit: Now half of this year's team has declared for the draft. Excited about the emerging talent but damn, I will never forget how loaded this year's team was. In terms of NFL talent we probably just had our best team yet. We aren't...
  15. fratdaddy

    Any way we could get Tom Herman as OC?

    That makes a ton of sense for Penn State and Yurcich. That will be a great fit. Herman is still on the market... failed HC, but elite OC. Probably more Kiffin than Sark.
  16. fratdaddy


    Boynton and Gundy are in completely different situations. Boynton probably enjoys an 80% or higher fan base approval rating, compared to Gundy's 50/50 or less depending on the day. We also pay Boynton a fraction of his worth while overpaying Gundy for years because he'll go court some crappy...
  17. fratdaddy

    New Football Uniforms

    Both our current white and black unis are ugly - too busy, not orange enough. I fully support the use of black and gray but they need to be cleaner looks, less busy, and more white/black AND orange as opposed to all black or mostly white. The orange and gray unis (and components) are still...
  18. fratdaddy

    Larry Fedora Fired from Baylor

    Just curious, does anyone actually believe that Gundy (as in Michael Ray Gundy) is the brains of an operation? Unless we're talking about a lobotomy or actual brain surgery operation...
  19. fratdaddy

    Knowles leaving: edit nope!

    The mere thought of losing Knowles is terrifying and must galvanize Holder/Gundy to do what it takes to make him happy.