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    Big 12 Men's golf

    1 more to go Teams will play 18 holes on both Tuesday and Wednesday with twosomes starting off both the No. 1 and No. 10 tees. An awards ceremony will be conducted after the final round on Wednesday. Live scoring, results and pairings will be available at
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    Spring Game Players to Watch

    Not so Fast - TheMonkey......
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    No Tailgating for the Spring Game

    Anyone have a Crystal Ball to see how next season looks for tailgating ?
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    I disagree with you sir, all governments, including ours, were built on some type of "corruption" or how it was defined, at the time. The discussion is interminable, and usually depends upon what side of the payment one is fortunate or unfortunate to stand upon.
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    Missouri State at OSU baseball

    With a $70 million dollar stadium, with all these player assists of AI, despite Covid-19, how many seasons do you give Holiday to win, and win Big? Love his attitude and love of oSu but really - pretty short at this point
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    Bracketology *Pokes are a 4 seed in The Dance*

    Well, what you gonna? 4 seed against a hot Liberty squad, dig in and do your work, make it happen, to borrow a great phrase - GO POKES !!
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    Bracketology *Pokes are a 4 seed in The Dance*

    Looks like Liberty, as well as Oregon State are 3 point centric teams. Barnes at Tenn, we all know, is a very good seasoned coach. Guard defense will be at a premium.
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    #17 Cowboys WIN!!! Pokes defeats #6 WVU 85-80 WITHOUT Cade and Ice, AA 31pts. Cowboys finish 18-7, 11-7 in Conference. Big 12 Tournament THURSDAY.

    Irrational Exuberance.....Dude He had a K extension. in 2018 to 2024, est for 2021 ~ 1.9M not given the Covid reductions. Can anyone pay more - yes BiG10 & SEC because of Football Contracts (K). I agree with our late season " get it" basketball play. Early season was somewhat of a whiff...
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    #17 Cowboys WIN!!! Pokes defeats #6 WVU 85-80 WITHOUT Cade and Ice, AA 31pts. Cowboys finish 18-7, 11-7 in Conference. Big 12 Tournament THURSDAY.

    why ban? the dude seems OK to me. Full of piss and vinegar for his school, is that bad dude?
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    Cowgirls softball schedule

    Thanks for the updates - Go Cowgirls
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    Cowgirls softball schedule

    Thanks for updates, seems an (11Th?) ranked team w/the coach we have - even though it is early in the season time to show it out
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    Make up games

    Signature win for KSU!
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    Make up games

    then the Bi2 12 Tourney ? brutal squared. 4 Games in 7 days, that will wear out the legs
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    Cowboy Basketball: Pokes are now 7-6 in with SWEEP over ISU. Baylor Game POSTPONED. Tech Next Monday (22nd)

    Well 4 - 5 things, if the game is on 1. Cold as hell Ga-IBA arena 2. If pokefan2.9 has the correct spread; do not take -12, sit it out. of course, unless of some injury only reported 12 seconds before tip for isu. ,unhu 3. If you go hope you are well back an forth on these roads an walkways...
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    Men's Golf

    Those in the know please let us know. Going n 3 years, seemingly drought of clutch players. Got a lot of the buzz w/the ESPN coverage , of course w/ou - private jets and all. Really - what is the state of the State oSu Program? One of the only Google searches that you can put up, oSu &...
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    Cowboy Basketball: KU defeats OSU in Allenfield House. Series Split. Next up KSU on Saturday.

    Agree, given the opponents and his injury. hope we do not need him