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    OLmen question

    What happened to Chandler Anthony ? Hunter’s older brother grad transfer from NT ? Not on the roster who was #85 that played some TE in the bowl ? No #85 on the roster thanks
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    Trace Ford news ?

    So, anyone know how bad his injury is ? Hopefully OSU Athletic staff do their magic and he comes back full strength
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    The bowl games thread

    So lots of bowls canceling this year. Wise move for them and the schools. Most teams barely break even on bowl games other than NY6 and CFP. Forced ticket sales on participating schools won't work this year. But, other than player's enjoyment, the main benefit of the Bowl game is the extra 14...
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    Horn's recruiting

    Anyone else get a chuckle out of yesterday's story on ESPN about Herman complaining how hard recruiting is now that opposing coaches are using a rumor with recruits that Herman is out and Myers is in at Austin at the end of the year ? Herman complains that it is hurting his recruiting . . ...
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    OSU is Good

    Ok, let's put it in perspective- We lost 4 TOs We allowed a KO for TD We roughed the punter to nullify a 4th down We had an OL downfield to nullify our TD We were handicapped by some strange calls, no-calls, and reviews by the zebras. . . . . . . . . And yet, we still had our shot to win in...
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    Accidental Touchdown . . .

    Interesting weekend. First, Penn State scores a go-ahead TD instead of running out the clock for a FG (8 pt lead vs 4 pt win) The result . . . Indiana gets the ball, a TD, two-point conversion and ultimately wins in OT. Similar in the Pros. Atlanta scores TD with 1 min left for 6 pt lead...
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    Thank You Sherman Smith

    Can you imagine trying to prep for the uT game this week before we had our wonderful Indoor Practice Facility !!! I was about to "thank God, we have that facility" but maybe should just ask God to thank Sherman for us. (Mr. Smith passed away in 2011).
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    This weeks Polls

    Clemson clearly stays #1 So does Bama and GA stay 2/3 no matter who wins/loses ? ND doesn’t deserve to move up with that unimpressive 12-7 win vs Louisville NC doesn’t look like the Top 5 ranking it has
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    College Football Polls Week 5

    What’s everyone think the Polls will look like? Pokes at #8 with the losses of FLA and Miami? FLA to 10 A&M leaps to #12 KSU back in at 23 ? but 0u and uT will be out !!!! Very nice
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    Baylor being Baylor

    So not only did they cancel on Houston less than 24 hrs before the game, they canceled because they had suspended an OL man that then put them below the min 7 OL men limit. So Basically they didn’t want to play at risk of losing to Houston with some starters out. sounds like chicken sh-t move...
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    So it was Gundy . . . . .

    Anybody else drop their jaw on that first play from scrimmage in the Texas game ? Before the play, I said out loud: "OK, Yurcich, run it up the middle". . . . and darn if he didn't throw a crossing route for TD. So it was Gundy all those years that called for the standard "up the middle"...
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    Minimum roster to cancel a game

    So Big12 came out with their rules on cancelling a conference game: roster of 53 (scholarship and non-scholarship) and a few position minimums (1 QB, 7 OL, and 4 DL.). With over 100 guys on the team and multiple back-up positions, unless you got very hard hit with a round of COV, looks like...
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    Players opting out

    So, I completely understand any PAC12 or BIG player opting out this year with their seasons essentially canceled. Also, maybe an NFL 1st round pick, who now has a convenient reason to not play and risk injury. .But all the other opt-outs ? If you are worried about family, you can just stay...
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    Ku to play w/o fans in stadium

    ESPN report that KU won’t allow any fans in the stands for football games. In other shocking news . . . .
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    Coaches Poll

    0u at #6 uT #14 OSU #16 ISU #25 w/o any cross conference games, hard to move up unless you win them all
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    Pac12 trying to dissolve the NCAA

    So Pac12 football players have issued a list of demands. One demand is that the conference give 50% of the football revenue to the football players ! So Big12 is $38M, SEC $44M and Big $54M payout to each school. So avg of about $45M and 50% would be $22.5M and if 85 scholarship players =...
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    forget about blocked PATs and FGs

    So new 2020 rule will almost eliminate blocked PATs and FGs. Now only a super fast rush from the outside will result in a block (and how often did that happen ?) Defenders are not allowed to line up within the body frame of a long snapper when within one yard of the line of scrimmage...
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    Thank You , Iowa !

    Now it’s Iowa’s turn and putting Frentz on the hot seat. Players publicly bashing that staff with “my time there was hell. I’d never tell a recruit to go there”
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    UCLA Football Players demand a change

    I didn't see ESPN jump up and down on this like they did Gundy. This happened on June 19th. UCLA football players are demanding that a “third-party health official” be on hand for all football activities to see that protocols for COVID-19 are followed, saying they don't trust coach Chip...
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    K-State football protest

    So now K-State’s turn. A student tweeted an insensitive remark about George Floyd and now players are refusing to play unless the University creates severe consequences for any student that makes statements that can be taken as racially offensive Football may not happen anymore