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  1. osupsycho

    Vanderbilt Sarah Fuller

    Don't forget her team lost 41-0 and has not won a game this year as well.
  2. osupsycho

    Crazy B12

    The game has been moved two weeks out.
  3. osupsycho

    Crazy B12

    So good thing the game is now in December...
  4. osupsycho

    Crazy B12

    I would say that WVU has absolutely no chance of beating OU THIS weekend. No chance whatsoever...
  5. osupsycho

    What would you like to see in a new Football Head Coach

    Someone who would be loyal to us and not jump ship at the first opportunity. Someone that can recruit well to great. Someone that can be innovative with the schemes, coaches, and the program without cheating. Unfortunately I don't see many if any candidates that match that list. Only name...
  6. osupsycho


    Radio reporting that LaRon Stokes is out, not suited up.
  7. osupsycho


    Birmingham was practicing last week as shown in the episode of Our Time that just came out but Anthony was not, he was just watching in a jersey.
  8. osupsycho

    Bye Week Blues!!!

    Not sure there are going to be many other games worth watching. They keep dropping like flies due to covid. Some dang good games that are now not going to happen:
  9. osupsycho

    Bye Week Blues!!!

    Yeah sorry should have clarified. The people that passed had been careful due to health issues but a younger family member was not as careful and gave it to them when he visited. If he had worn a mask on the visit or not visited in the first place this would not have happened. He was...
  10. osupsycho

    Bye Week Blues!!!

    My weekend is going to two funerals for family members that passed away due to covid. Only silver lining I see with it is at least I won't be missing an OSU game. Everyone please wear your masks and stay safe, both of these people would most likely still be with us if one person had just worn...
  11. osupsycho

    Dax Hill and Michigan

    Dax said he went there for the journalism school, not because of the coach. Guess we will see if that is true.
  12. osupsycho

    Gregg Marshall

    I doubt it. Someone, somewhere, at some level will want to win bad enough and believe enough that he will have changed his ways. May take a little time but bet it will happen.
  13. osupsycho

    Big-12 Title picture...

    I think they mean the usual HELP that Texas gets from the refs so that they CAN win out... :D
  14. osupsycho

    A lot of negativity on this board for a team that's in first place of the Big 12

    Actually they are 3 bad calls away from being a 5 loss team. Don't forget their Tech OT debacle.
  15. osupsycho

    Big-12 Title picture...

    I think a lot of the problem Sanders had at KSU was his injuries. He had shoulder issues coming into the game and then got some leg injuries during it. The TV showed a shot of him on the bench grimacing in pain as he tried to rotate his shoulders so they were definitely affecting him and he...
  16. osupsycho

    Football 2021 LB Nick Martin Committed to OSU

    Rocky also turned to be a linebacker in college (and NFL), so hope Martin can do that well also.
  17. osupsycho

    RB Deondrick Glass enters transfer portal

    I disagree, he took a kid that had not even played the same football (Canadian vs US) and turned him into a Heisman contender. Plus what he has done with both LD and is now doing with Richardson speaks volumes. I don't give a flip if the guy recruits one stars or five stars if he can get the...
  18. osupsycho

    WTF LeFlore County??!!

    The Lost Ogle did a story on it as well. Warning look at the pics included at your own peril... (I will be skipping breakfast today thanks to them)
  19. osupsycho

    Big XII losing Fresno State in wrestling

    We are not an AAU member (and likely can never meet their requirements), thus we will never get an invite to the Big 10.
  20. osupsycho

    Big XII losing Fresno State in wrestling

    Like it or not the biggest issue in the decline has been Title 9. Instead of schools adding womens sports/scholarships to meet the requirements of Title 9 many instead just eliminated lesser mens sports such as wrestling. Unfortunately covid and the financial issues it has caused for athletic...