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  1. Burton Cummings

    Willie Taggart Out At FSU.

    Fired and now owed $17M by the FSU admin.
  2. Burton Cummings

    Big 12 Coaches Fashion

    A lot has been said about Gundy tucking in his hoodie last week. It even got some attention and good (might have been sarcastic. Don't know) plug by the ISU game announcers with the cowboy belt and slacks and the ultra cool Pete logo. Watching the other coaches around the league and most of...
  3. Burton Cummings

    Highest Paid Assistant Coach's Salaries Other assistants are listed at the bottom of each catagory. When we talk about Gundy being one of the top paid HC's in the land, we can look at our success (or failure) based on the quality of assistant coaches...
  4. Burton Cummings

    Honest (or dishonest) Predictions for the ISU game

    I'm not confident that Gundy can right this ship and I haven't felt this way in a long, long time. BUT, (I like big buts and I cannot lie) if I'm going to lie and be dishonest I can sip on the Kool-Aid the color of the morning sun. Honest: OSU 31 ISU 43 Dishonest: OSU 34 ISU 31
  5. Burton Cummings

    Does Gundy Shop At The Transfer Portal? Just wondering how much Gundy looks into the Transfer Portal for OSU needs? I mean, the TP is a mess and now Michigan State seems to be taking some big hits since their season hasn't...
  6. Burton Cummings

    The unOfficial CUT THE MULLET campaign begins here!

    I'm launching an official CUT THE MULLET campaign right here and now. It's been a good marketing ploy for Gundy and the university, but it's run it's course and it's distracting from our team. It's become more of a Gundy marketing campaign and I feel Gundy really needs to start focusing ALL of...
  7. Burton Cummings

    Nebraska Sucks!

    Look at the lack of success of the crybabies that left the Big 12. I do not feel sorry for them. In fact, I laugh when I think about it. Nebraska, a perennial powerhouse for decades in the Big 8, gets their panties in a wad because for decades all they had to do was enjoy the innumerable...
  8. Burton Cummings

    DMN -- No one is picking OSU to win versus Texas Of all of the DMN sportswriters picking the game against the spread and straight up, only two are picking OSU to beat the spread. NO ONE is...
  9. Burton Cummings

    What Texas Is Saying...
  10. Burton Cummings

    No More Vanilla Offense For Texas!

    There's been some criticism on our "vanilla" offense for these first 3 games and for good reason. Gundy wanted to get the basics down and also not tip his hand to the tougher teams on our schedule. Now that we're going into Austin against a Texas Longhorn team that many proclaim is "back" and...
  11. Burton Cummings

    Does This Mean Tennessee Will Be Coming After Gundy Again?!

    OMG! Can you believe this? Man, how this program has suffered over the last decade. If I was a Vol fan, I'd be so PO'd right now. This coach is dead now. Unless he can win the SEC East...
  12. Burton Cummings

    Early Predictions of Cowboy Schedule

    2019 Oklahoma State Cowboys Football Schedule Aug. 30 at Oregon State - WIN oSu 31 OrSt 21 Sept. 7 McNeese State -- WIN oSu 45 McSt 17 Sept. 14 at Tulsa -- WIN oSu 38 UT 28 Sept. 21 at Texas -- WIN oSu 35 UT 33 Sept. 28 Kansas State -- WIN oSu 33 KST 21 Oct. 5 at Texas Tech -- WIN oSu 51 TT...
  13. Burton Cummings

    What others are saying about OSU football

    It's so difficult to get information about OSU from "The State's Newspaper" now, so I thought we could all contribute some tidbits or articles that we come across about OUR STATE TEAM. Sam Tecklenburg, Baylor: “See, I like road games. I don’t think they’re tougher than a home game. I think my...
  14. Burton Cummings

    FINALLY!! OSU decides to focus the logo madness a bit.

    I see this has been discussed. My bad.
  15. Burton Cummings

    Why can't the ouKlahoman mention the simplest of OSU things?!

    I read elsewhere (Tulsa World) that the final college baseball rankings came out and our OSU Cowboys finished 11th in the nation, the highest ranking we've had since our last CWS appearance. So, I checked and search the ouKlahoman for the article and nothing appeared. Did anyone catch an...
  16. Burton Cummings

    What Do You Guys Think About Your Photo Online?

    I know we often wonder what the OSU fan posters look like. We often berate (GUILTY) each other because we really have nothing emotionally invested in a bunch of words and ideas being tossed around that may or may not be agreeable to the rest of us. I'm just thinking we may find a better...
  17. Burton Cummings


    So, for mere speculation and fun, what is everyone's opinion as to how OSU Cowboy football would do in the SEC competitive environment? We all are very aware of how well the programs that left the Big 12 are doing in other conferences like the PAC 12. Big 10 and SEC -- and that's not very well...
  18. Burton Cummings

    November 1, 1972 GIA -- Stillwater, OK

    How many old Pokes out there remember seeing Elton John at 3,000+ seat GIA on November 1, 1972. I do. I was in my second year at OSU and feeling more and more independent. I took my high school first love and then current girlfriend to see the "straight" Elton John that night. Not that we...
  19. Burton Cummings

    What We'd All Like To Know
  20. Burton Cummings

    Cody Canada kicking off Austin's Shady Grove Unplugged music season

    Cody Canada, formerly of Cross Canadian Ragweed, is kicking off the 2019 Unplugged music venue at Shady Grove in Austin tonight (Thursday). I'm walking the few blocks down to The Grove to catch this former Stillwater (via Pampa, TX) musician. I love the Austin music scene.