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  1. DemBoys

    Shriner’s Open

    Matthew Wolff shot a 61 today and is currently in the lead. He played his last 10 holes in 9 under par with 3 eagles on the back nine. There is a pretty good chance that someone will pass him this afternoon but he should be in a good spot to have a chance to win tomorrow.
  2. DemBoys

    US Open

    US Open begins tomorrow. CH3, Rickie, Vik, Wolff and Noren are playing. Rickie, Vik and Wolff are playing in the same group on Thursday and Friday.
  3. DemBoys

    Fedex Cup playoffs

    7 Cowboys made it to the playoffs. Gooch and Fowler both played this morning and shot -5 and -4 respectively. Rickie had an eagle/birdie finish to salvage his round. Noren, Howell, Wolff, Hovland and Clark are all just getting started playing this afternoon.
  4. DemBoys

    2020 US Amateur

    Aman Gupta finished 5th in the stroke play portion and had won his first 2 matches in match play to reach the round of 16. He goes again at 4:00 this afternoon. Eckroat and Neergaard-Peterson also played but missed the cut in stroke play.
  5. DemBoys

    Likekele makes the U19 USA World Cup team

    I know there are 3 threads already on the News Feed about this but thought it should be on the main board. Congratulations to Ice and hopefully he can work on recruiting Cunningham along the way.
  6. DemBoys

    US Open

    Rickie tees off at 10:02 tomorrow playing with SW Kim and Jason Day. In the afternoon they have Noren, CH3 and Eckroat in the same group going off around 3:00. Viktor gets to play with Koepka and Molinari later in the afternoon.
  7. DemBoys

    PGA Championship

    Currently Rickie is at -1, CHIII at +2, Noren at +3 and KTway is +1 thru 15. The current cut line would be +2. The only bad thing for these guys is Koepka shot -7 this morning.
  8. DemBoys

    Cowboy baseball vs. WVU

    6:05 tonight on FCS. Cowgirls softball also has a doubleheader this afternoon against KU with the final game scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.
  9. DemBoys

    Signing Day Part 2

    Other than Glass are we expected to sign anyone else? Guy on the radio here in Tulsa mentioned a Broken Arrow LB that is a KSU verbal but may be wavering.
  10. DemBoys

    10 former or current Cowboys in the Farmers Open this week

    That has got to be some kind of PGA record. And there are 3 or 4 other guys playing the Web.Com circuit.
  11. DemBoys

    Signing Day

    Looks like 18 thus far.