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  1. olderschool

    Mr. President

    Mr. President please keep talking! And please Please keep tweeting. Tweet tweet tweet! Night and day. Put your message out there so America can see who you are And what you are really about. PS And keep playing golf every weekend!!
  2. olderschool

    If his lips are moving

    He is lying.
  3. olderschool

    Benedict Donald
  4. olderschool

    Have you watched this?
  5. olderschool

    The fog of war?
  6. olderschool

    Texas football
  7. olderschool

    Mad dog speaks!

    Tells the truth about Trump. I teed it up there For you wing nuts! Go after him
  8. olderschool

    George Floyd

    Crickets on this social media platform.
  9. olderschool

  10. olderschool

    The Captain of the Big Stick
  11. olderschool

    Voting? Who’s right? Who’s wrong?
  12. olderschool


    “The opiate of the people.” Now we’re all going into withdrawal. It’s gonna be kind of ugly for a while.
  13. olderschool

    Jim Jorden

    Welp it doesn’t look good.
  14. olderschool

    Trumpster Fire
  15. olderschool

    This! (is a thread political in nature about racism and sports)