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  1. llcoolw

    Kidnapping Governors

    Who are they? Right or left? In between?
  2. llcoolw

    War in the Caucasus

    War in the Caucasus Will Draw in Russia and Turkey Armenia and Azerbaijan are on the brink of conflict that will roil NATO, the Middle East and oil markets. James Stavridis September 30, 2020, 2:00 AM CDT Politics & Policy The “frozen conflict” between Armenia and Azerbaijan has turned very...
  3. llcoolw

    Russian bear in traffic. Fun break.
  4. llcoolw

    Hmmmmm. Dog tail wagging? Israel keeps blowing up military targets in Iran, hoping to force a confrontation before Trump can be voted out in November, sources say Mitch Prothero12 hours ago Iran has suffered a series...
  5. llcoolw


    Ok. It’s not ozarks but when you see the story you thought you knew, ozarks looks like a trip to the grocery store. @jetman thanks for the tip back in the Wuhan virus thread.
  6. llcoolw

    Ozarks on Netflix

    Highly recommend. Underline highly. Anybody got a great show to watch similar to this? We loved it and want more.
  7. llcoolw

    Andrew Gillum video released. Click link for video of hotel room. Photos and video of hotel room where Andrew Gillum found in apparent incoherent state released by police Amanda...
  8. llcoolw

    Turkey (WTF)
  9. llcoolw

    The coming war?

    Speech by Comrade Chi Haotian Vice-Chairman of China's Military Commission The following is the actual text of a speech delivered in December, 2005 by Comrade Chi Haotian the Vice-Chairman of China's Military Commission to top officers and generals. Keep in mind that China has for many years...
  10. llcoolw

    This video has caused a controversy.

    I’m doing this out of curiosity. One of @Deere Poke websites he turned me onto a couple of years ago is in a debate about right and wrong. Christian vs non Christian. It’s a 56 second clip of a man at a store counter doing business as usual. A robber enters and produces a gun. The customer...
  11. llcoolw

    US forces to leave Iraq (Maybe)
  12. llcoolw

    52 targets for 52 hostages
  13. llcoolw

    Church Shooting Fort Worth

    It’s already been discussed everywhere. I was wondering if everyone watched it? More specially, if anyone watched that poor guy try to pull a weapon from behind his back? Some lessons to be learned for sure. Link to video if you want to see.
  14. llcoolw

    Embassy Attacked
  15. llcoolw

    Anyone want a bucket of hot diarrhea? A Bucket of Hot Diarrhea Was Randomly Poured on a Woman by a Homeless Man By Joel Grover and Amy Corral Published Nov 11, 2019 at 11:14 PM | Updated 3 hours ago A night near the Hollywood Walk of...
  16. llcoolw

    Congrats to you Okies.

    A Canadian Company Ranked All 50 U.S. States by How Polite They Are. Here's the List So now the Canadians are going to judge us on how polite we are, eh? (Edit: What could be more controversial than ranking the 50 states by how polite they are? Ranking them by how bad their drivers are. Yeah...
  17. llcoolw

    Impeachment or...CIA Coup?

    You don’t need to be a supporter of President Trump to be concerned about the efforts to remove him from office. Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced impeachment proceedings against the President over a phone call made to the President of Ukraine. According to the White House record of...
  18. llcoolw

    Iran fires cruise missiles Iran fired cruise missiles in attack on Saudi oil facility: Senior US official PlayPHOTO: Smoke is seen following a fire at Aramco facility in the eastern city of Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia...
  19. llcoolw

    RIP Rick Ocasek Damn. That’s 2.
  20. llcoolw

    RIP Eddie Money

    My very first concert and it was awesome!