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  1. DemBoys

    OSU is a 3.5 favorite opening...

    1Slowpoke strikes again!
  2. DemBoys

    Live OSU Basketball Practice 10/14 @ 3pm central

    Although it was a small sample I thought Avery looked much better shooting the ball.
  3. DemBoys

    Shriner’s Open

    Matthew Wolff shot a 61 today and is currently in the lead. He played his last 10 holes in 9 under par with 3 eagles on the back nine. There is a pretty good chance that someone will pass him this afternoon but he should be in a good spot to have a chance to win tomorrow.
  4. DemBoys

    Spencer Sanders Update

    Since this thread has devolved away from being about Spencer I will add that I saw Thabo Mwaniki playing for the Houston Coogs last night.
  5. DemBoys

    Cade & Viktor

    And Barkley is maybe 6’5” with shoes on.
  6. DemBoys

    Spencer Sanders Update

    The fact that Chuba got pulled against WVU for fumbling and Dez Jackson was getting carries in the 4th quarter gives me some hope maybe the wait won't be that long.
  7. DemBoys

    ou/Texas outcome?

    One of my friends is a big OU fan and it took him until late Tuesday or early Wednesday to start posting his "hate Texas week" stuff on Facebook. Even then he prefaced with "I know we are 0-2 and things don't look good" before he started posting his Texas Sucks memes. So a lot of their fan base...
  8. DemBoys

    Why isn’t Baylor recognized as OSU’s Rival?

    The thing about Baylor is they were the league doormat for so long and no one cared about them. Then about a decade ago they went all in on the "win at all costs" model with Briles and started to have some success, but I don't think I ever considered them as OSU's equal or ever wanted to be...
  9. DemBoys

    Biggest Egyptian find in over a century revealed

    Are you an older retired guy? You don't seem to have a job based on how much you post on here and monitor social media while doing it.
  10. DemBoys

    First Pistol Pete

    We have a band announcer?
  11. DemBoys

    Gundy Media Availability 9-21

    authentic frontier jibberish
  12. DemBoys

    Dunn is in over his head

    When the offense is good the OC gets the credit. When the offense struggles it’s all Gundy’s fault.
  13. DemBoys

    US Open

    Noren with probably the round of the day at -3 to finish at +3. Has a chance to sneak into contention if scores blow up this afternoon.
  14. DemBoys

    US Open

    CH3 eagles his final hole to finish at +5, all the Pokes made the cut.
  15. DemBoys

    tickets on secondary market

    Have they said anything about what concessions are going to be like? I would imagine some vendors aren't coming back this year either due to financial hardship or it's not worth the bother with the greatly reduced attendance.
  16. DemBoys

    US Open

    Wolff at E will be in the top 10 starting tomorrow. Viktor at +2 will probably be around T20 maybe a little better than that if the afternoon scores continue to trend upward. Looks like Fowler and Noren at +6 will both miss the cut but as I type this Alex still has 2 holes to go so he still has...
  17. DemBoys

    US Open

    Heard they did some mowing today.
  18. DemBoys

    US Open

    US Open begins tomorrow. CH3, Rickie, Vik, Wolff and Noren are playing. Rickie, Vik and Wolff are playing in the same group on Thursday and Friday.
  19. DemBoys

    2020 Fall Camp thread

    Disappointing for sure but I think D-Line may be our deepest position right now.
  20. DemBoys

    Players opting out

    Internet speculation is that he was not going to be the starter so he went the opt out route.