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  1. savagerebel

    Wrestling Pokes visiting Air Force and Wyoming on Saturday

    I don't think it is the equipment. If you talk to him in person that is just the way his voice sounds.
  2. savagerebel

    NYC Philharmonic at McKnight Center

    I'm not going to be able to make it to this show. I have 2 tickets available for Rear Orchestra Row JJ. These are lower level seats near the middle of the floor. I have pictures I took from the seats and from the stage. I can't seem to get them to load. These tickets will also be listed on facebook.
  3. savagerebel

    City of Stillwater thread

    I think this Dave and Buster's thing is a hoax. There in nothing on their website showing Stillwater as coming soon. There is also nothing on the city website from development services that issues permits for building.
  4. savagerebel

    OSU Diamond Dolls

    The Diamond Dolls are the support team for baseball. The softball players are called the Oklahoma State Cowgirls.
  5. savagerebel

    Wrestling Needs YOU on Sunday vs. Iowa. 2pm. Cheap Tickets. BE THERE!

    He is right. I was at Carver Hawkeye for the Iowa/Iowa State duel in December. It was not all the way full but the fans were knowledgeable and loud. I wish GIA would get like that for more than one meet a year.
  6. savagerebel

    Wrestling vs Rutgers

    I've played it on Periscope before.
  7. savagerebel

    Southern Scuffle- Cowboy Wrestling

    If anyone is looking for a way to watch this, you might could search for Southern Scuffle on Periscope.
  8. savagerebel

    A/V subscription issues

    Me as well. PayPal auto renewed but no AV Access.