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  1. ChiLoyalNTrue

    Two Tickets For KU Game For Sale

  2. ChiLoyalNTrue

    Two Tickets For KU Game For Sale

    Message if interested. Can also throw in a golden spur parking pass as well. $50 for the pair and the pass.
  3. ChiLoyalNTrue

    Golden Spur Parking Pass - Homecoming - For Sale

    $50 or best offer. In the Tulsa area. DM if interested.
  4. ChiLoyalNTrue

    Austin Recommendations

    Heading to Austin for the game this weekend. First time down there for a gameday. I'm sure I could ask this on other boards, but wanted to get the Cowboy perspective first from any Pokes that have visited on a game day before. Best places to eat? Best places to get a beer? Best areas for...
  5. ChiLoyalNTrue

    Facilities/Construction Update

    Hate to be that guy, but that's a prime tailgating area. I'm sure they can make more money in the long term off a parking garage...but someone that only makes it back to campus for football and basketball reasons...thats a bummer.
  6. ChiLoyalNTrue

    Facilities/Construction Update

    That'll make for a hell of a tailgate spot this fall then if nothing else is there. :cool:
  7. ChiLoyalNTrue

    Facilities/Construction Update

    Looks like the houses on Knoblock, north of the Garage and Georges and South of Saint John's Parish all got knocked down recently. Anyone know whats going in their place? Looked like the entire lot got raised. Parking lots/garages? Restaurant/bars? University buildings?
  8. ChiLoyalNTrue

    Summer Thread #1: What made you love OSU Sports?

    Dec. 30th, 1996...Mabee Center, in Tulsa. ORU and OSU set up a double header (similar to this year at the BOK with TU). ORU played Southern Miss and OSU played Nevada. I was a kid, and didn't really have any allegiance to any state school at the time, just loved basketball. But the pokes...