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  1. sokpoke

    Soak the Rich?

    Every time I hear a pandering Socialist say that "the rich should pay more taxes", what I really hear is "soak the middle class", which has been and is the modus operandi for every socialist and communist regime since the beginning of time. From Teresa Heinz Kerry, to Mirnie Bloomsanders, and...
  2. sokpoke

    What do you ag students learn for 4 years?

    If so, I would have liked to hear him talk about nitrogen use efficiency, the effect of cation exchange capacity on soil fertility, the nitrification cycle, factors affecting the potential nitrogen volatilization losses when using urea fertilizer for a nitrogen source, the use of genetic...
  3. sokpoke

    Rising Tides?

    Some facts: - it's not about cow farts, it's about eructation (belching): % of Total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from beef cattle = 2.03% (1.8% from eructation) - total of all other agricultural greenhouse gas emissions = 6.6% (+ 2.03% from beef production = 8.63% of greenhouse gas...
  4. sokpoke

    Silly Picture Thread

    It's Valentine's Day!
  5. sokpoke


    Try one of the Islay brands. They are already smoky. Lagavulin, Laphroig, Ardbeg, etc.
  6. sokpoke

    Silly Picture Thread

    If this were real, he'd have a career in politics after football.
  7. sokpoke

    Don't be stupid tomorrow

    Also, you cannot carry a weapon where alcohol sales represent the primary source of income for the establishment. - eating establishments that serve alcohol, but food is the primary source of sales = Yes - Tavern, Bar, Nightclub, Saloon, etc. where food is served, but alcohol is the primary...
  8. sokpoke

    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    Feed me more. Inject it into my veins!!!
  9. sokpoke

    How is Oklahoma doing as a state?

    Fair question, and I will try to give a fair response. Full disclosure; I am a Conservative. I used to think of myself as a fiscal conservative and a social moderate; however, as social dynamics change, I think of myself more and more as Conservative/Conservative. I am the first of my entire...
  10. sokpoke

    Wrestling Recruiting and Lineups Moving Forward

    He looks like a young Richard Gere.
  11. sokpoke

    Oh the Irony, I can't stop laughin and you can't make this stuff up.

    When the vultures cannibalize themselves. However, Zuck is too young to realize that leftist governments favor rich leftists, while pandering and posturing to satisfy their masses.
  12. sokpoke

    Calvin Bundage

    Gotta love his writing skills though.
  13. sokpoke

    Silly Picture Thread

    " . . . a rodeo at 6, a concert at 6:30, and dunk on some fools at 7." FIFY
  14. sokpoke

    Wacky news of the day

    Some people prefer "Appendix carry", otherwise knows as the 2 o'clock position on the waistline. And yes, your privates are directly in front of the muzzle.
  15. sokpoke

    Silly Picture Thread

  16. sokpoke

    Silly Picture Thread

  17. sokpoke

    2020 SF Cade Cunningham Signs with OSU

    I believe so too, but don't county your chickens before they hatch; re: Cunningham.
  18. sokpoke

    Why are we trying to buy Greenland?

    Blatant racist. For the 100th time, the first person to bring up race, even sarcastically, is typically the racist.
  19. sokpoke

    A Connecticut Tax Story

    You can't starve a profit into a cow, and you can't tax yourself into prosperity.