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  1. jdnofear

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Look like we are after one of Cunningham's teammates for 2022:
  2. jdnofear

    Injured QB thread

    Who is the "next man up" if Brown can go at QB?
  3. jdnofear

    Can Boynton get the trifecta?

    Thompson's dad played for Bill Self at TU, and he remain good friends with him. I think the only things that keep him from signing with KU is the possibility of probation and being one of many highly recruited players. OU allows him the opportunity to maybe be the star of the team, like Trey...
  4. jdnofear

    Need 1 ticket OSU v. OU Section 331 Row 9

    Need one more ticket on Row 9 of Section 331 for the OSU v. OU game if anyone has an extra for sale.
  5. jdnofear

    New basketball assistant coach, Cannen Cunningham

    Oklahoma State hiring the brother of nation's No. 3 recruit as an assistant coach is a tactic we've seen before Here's 10 times a school made an addition to its coaching staff and the new hire was connected to a top recruit by...
  6. jdnofear

    New basketball assistant coach, Cannen Cunningham

    Oklahoma State hires brother of No. 2 prospect Oklahoma State made a significant move in the basketball recruiting world on Tuesday, hiring the older brother of No. 2-ranked rising senior Cade Cunningham as its new assistant coach. Cannen Cunningham, 26, played at SMU from 2011 to 2015 and...
  7. jdnofear

    Men's Basketball 2019 SG Caleb Grill

    A friend of mine in Wichita said that OSU extended him an offer today.
  8. jdnofear

    New coaches thread
  9. jdnofear

    New coaches thread

    STILLWATER — Likely before some Oklahoma State football fans had even heard the news that their team had a vacancy for an offensive line coach, Mike Gundy had filled it. Roughly 20 hours after it was reported that Josh Henson had taken a job at Texas A&M, Gundy posted on Twitter shortly past...