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  1. Hayduke

    Week 10 big 12 power rankings

    I could hardly believe what I was reading. I thought to myself "surely he hasn't actually copy and pasted an entire paragraph of stats about their MAC-caliber QBs older brother's stats from 2012 as justification for their MAC-caliber QB being a reason for optimism." But, he did.
  2. Hayduke

    Chuba vs Last 4 RBs to win Heisman

    Really puts into perspective the season that Ricky Williams had.
  3. Hayduke

    Men's Basketball 2020 SF Cade Cunningham Signs with OSU

    I know that's the narrative, but the Thunder are probably more fun to watch so far this season than in the past several seasons. It's a shame there are so many empty seats at their games.
  4. Hayduke

    Official Game Thread: TCU vs. Oklahoma State

    You sure are an odd duck. I'm surprised you didn't go back and "thumbs down" all of my posts from the past month like you normally do. Plus, you've obviously never smelled a turtle stew induced fart or you'd be sniffing Gundy's cushion, too.
  5. Hayduke


    The vast majority of posters here are exactly the type of people Gundy made fart sounds at and accused of "bitchin' and moanin." They've really devolved into something that isn't fun to be a part of. Your best option is to avoid the Game Thread because it really brings out the worst in them...
  6. Hayduke

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State

    Played well, but I think this team will continue to improve. Sanders did enough to keep them in the game, didn't take them out of the game, and the defense came up huge in the fourth. I'll take that every time.
  7. Hayduke

    Gonna Be A Rough Ride

    It's odd, but i'm probably more excited for this season than either of the previous two seasons. Paul George was never going to work. I loved Russ and I'm grateful for his time here, but I'm excited for the future.
  8. Hayduke

    2019 OrangePower Tailgate - Homecoming Edition

    Hopefully Dru gets the nod next week.
  9. Hayduke

    Official Homecoming Game Thread: Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

    Dang, I'm happy for LD! He's been struggling all season but he's looked sharp today and finally broke one!
  10. Hayduke

    Greg Gold helmet design

    There's a distinct possibility that I'm just not cool enough to appreciate them, but before you get excited about these...have you seen his Instagram? Most of those helmet designs are either cheesy, copyright infringement, or just really bad. There are a few that are really nice, so hopefully...
  11. Hayduke

    Jahmyl Jeter enters the transfer portal

    Anyway, it always hurts to lose RB depth. That said, he wasn't getting any playing time and it didn't look like he would moving forward either. Can't blame the guy for transferring and I wish him luck.
  12. Hayduke

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    So, it's the math that you're confused about? It was 0-20 in the second quarter. Even now that it's 21-37 OSU is still outscoring them since in the second quarter.
  13. Hayduke

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    What part were you confused about?
  14. Hayduke

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    OSU has outscored them 21-14 since the second. There is enough time for the offense, they defense just needs to get a few stops. It's not easy to overcome a 3-0 turnover deficit, but it's certainly possible.
  15. Hayduke

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    I might be crazy, but I love 11:00am kickoffs.
  16. Hayduke

    Big 12 week 4 rankings

    You're hilarious! That has to make you chuckle this morning. Edit, hah, didn't see you posted right above.
  17. Hayduke

    Official Game Thread: Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State

    I'm still amazed that Texas had like 15 "injuries" and K-State only had one I believe?
  18. Hayduke

    Official Game Thread: Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State

    I loved the KState computer people walking like they were all on treadmills. Now that's some real top of line stuff.