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  1. Jostate

    2019 - 20 Coach of the year

    Gundy? Bounton? Both set the bar low enough last year that they set themselves up for that award this year. I'd say Boynton more than Gundy but at least one of the Mikes is winning it.
  2. Jostate

    Is Trump racist?

    I'll say I voted against Hillary but was no fan of Trump. All that aside it's repeated so often that Trump, and his supporters by definition, are racist. Serious question here, what has he done, or said, that confirms this? I know he wants a wall, but that really is no more than just trying...
  3. Jostate

    PFB - There’s not a single wrestler in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

    I don't like to dump PFB stuff on this site and the mods may do something with this, but this is too important to not share. I totally didn't know this. John Smith, Ed Gallagher and the Hall of Fame Snub No One Is Talking About The Naismith Hall of Fame announces their class every year, and...
  4. Jostate

    Oklahoma Gazette - troubles down south

    University of Oklahoma is going through a tumultuous period with the departure of more than 80 employees, donations down by at least a third from last year and multiple racist incidents on campus resulting in no disciplinary actions...
  5. Jostate

    Sooner racism makes news again

    Uh oh... NORMAN, Okla. – The University of Oklahoma looking into a racially charged video originating on Snapchat of an apparent sorority member posting a video of another student allegedly using the n-word.
  6. Jostate

    Big 12 Bowl games

    Not one Big 12 team has a greater record than their opponent in the bowl games this year. If the ESPN predictor counts for anything the Big 12 goes 2 - 5 and that's with TCU barely being favored. 12/26 - 8:00 -- Cheez it bowl Cal TCU - 53.4% odds of winning per ESPN predictor 12/27 - 8:00 --...
  7. Jostate

    Money-back guarantee: Mike Gundy cuts check for man who lost bet Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy reimbursed an Oklahoma City radio personality who bet $250 on the Cowboys to win more than eight games in Las Vegas before the...