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    Homecoming kickoff time 7:00 ABC

    You are sad Dude
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    Offensive play calling....

    Well, hope everyone is looking forward now. We can only fire so many coaches every week and still have coaches... Anyway, initial, I too thought it CD/TC needed to be replaced, but upon watching the playback (recorded) this Dude was the Dude Sat night. His O-line should be fired - I have seen...
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    Jalen McClesky transferring

    Oh boy, you know this will be a media rally cry. The person took the most inflammatory word to use to describe - don't
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    Big Country

    Might have to right click & open in new window. Funny, sad, true. Love the guy
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    Jalen McClesky transferring

    Are you a freaking psychologist?? Everyone is upset when they don't get the ball, everyone is upset when the ball meant for them is under-thrown. Are all the upset - arer receivers blocking downfield, are they upset the freaking line can not block a duck. OK I am in an the last one - cant...
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    Jalen McClesky transferring

    Wow, bunch of no nothing jerks with jerk opinions. dude was good for awhile & now it is about him - leaves his teammates - let's look at his offers: Air Force - what a commitment that would be - how many balls in the air would he see Southern Miss _ we know good program but not B12 Georgia...
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    Official Game Thread: Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State

    not prepared, in all 3 phases. knowles showed - he can’t adjust on the fly, just like S. soundly beat tonight, TT was the-better team & we were at home. Bad for us... Was bundadge hurt & taped before this game or just tonight? also, as someone said, not sold on Henson, that freaking line was...
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    Predict the Score: OSU vs Boise St

    Dude, SA slowed themselves down lat week - do you recall how many of their receivers dropped critical passes, with NO ONE near them
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    Fans leaving the game early

    Well life is really not about football. We have had season tickets numbering from up to 6 to 2. We have only missed about 3 games in 20 years plus @ home. Now my lovely wife and I are older now, but still tailgate (it was hot on Thursday). We like that one can get a beer in the stadium. When it...
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    Official Game Thread: Missouri State vs. Oklahoma State

    OK. Hot day, ok drive back. I am alright with CT. I did not see a D that would make a difference. Saw the same receivers running Wide Open over the middle , saw mis-tackles. Not at all impressed w/that D. I was just imaging K-state doing whatever the hell that trick O is against this D and...
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    Official Game Thread: Missouri State vs. Oklahoma State

    You must be a REAL Knuckle Head - PJ is a extraordinary Defense coach - period,
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    What are you looking for in the game Thursday night?

    I'd like to see almost all of the above the everyone has written. In addition I'd like to experience a "cool zone" and I'd like to get 1 beer at halftime, hope it is cool, and get back to my seat before the 3rd Qtr starts.
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    New Cowboy Baseball Stadium discussion thread: Likes, Dislikes, Ideas, Traditions, etc.

    I do remember Tom Holiday being aghast about their fans... the stars and bars knuckle heads and verbal about it, probably starting up again with the atmosphere, certainly hope country has grown
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    New Cowboy Baseball Stadium discussion thread: Likes, Dislikes, Ideas, Traditions, etc.

    It looks wonderful Do the seat behind home plate have just netting, no walll, like most new stadiums? Does anyone know how much Mr. Holder has already raised - how much he does not have to meet his no debt policy? Like the new "cool zones" for football - baseball seems like an absolute need
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    Big 12 has some most profitable Athletic depts.

    Neglected to add the "ticket sales" in 2017 were lowest since 2008. Is this the drop in BB ticket sales - not sure these data points actually go that granule ?
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    Big 12 has some most profitable Athletic depts. Here is the link to the page with all revenue. Clicking on OK State - what strikes is the loss of contributions. 2017 has the least contributions back to 2005, where this chart starts. I understand 2006 with Boone's $165M and others and probably the...
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    Holder wants recruiting to improve

    Sorry, I don't know of the where to find the podcast. PJ, had and has a somewhat over sized ego for what he accomplished. He "lucked" into 2 big time running backs and a QB not overly recruited. I have not heard Holder's talk but I think we all want at least more 4 stars - these guys do flame...
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    I 100% agree with no Barry Bronze, and I gave $ to the Eddie doc. but money for a lot of things has to be raised out of the Athletic Dept. That means a major Donner or in your case a smaller one on a mission - good luck with your mission, I'll give what I can when I see the legal setup Go Pokes
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    Open letter to Coach's Holder/Holliday/Walton from a fan who wants to be a FAN

    I thought we've always had 3 coaches and volunteer coaches. I guess the NCAA limits Baseball coaches like Football. So is it 3 full time Baseball coaches ? How do volunteer coaches survive?