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  1. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Offensive Philosophy

    Some really good stuff from last night. Thought we finally took what we do well from a personnel standpoint and incorporated that into the game plan. You can clearly tell Wickline has taken a bigger role in the gameplan, we've seen a dramatic shift in play calling the last 2 weeks. Lots of...
  2. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Houston - bars, tailgating etc.

    Heading down Friday afternoon and we're staying downtown at the DoubleTree. Does anyone have any suggestions or heard of any bars that a bunch of OSU fans will be at Friday night? If not what are some good bars to check out in general for the Houston natives? Also for Saturday, anyone heard...
  3. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Observations from Baylor

    Nash Is the key to this team. When we're playing our game and Nash is getting the rim and FT line this is a top 15 team. When he's complacent we're a bubble team. We have to get him going early in the game too. he's the only person on this team that presents good size and can face up and break a...
  4. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Kenny Stills

    Lots of competition, but is Kenny Stills the gayest player in OU history?
  5. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Most enjoyable game to watch this season

    Good ball movement, huge improvement on rebounding, solid closeouts on shots. The only play we couldn't stop was that stupid hand off play in which half the time it was a moving screen. I was at the Baylor game and it was ugly, but this team is getting better. Some people aren't happy and...
  6. DallasOSUCowboys34


    I've always wondered why we don't apply full court pressure more. It worked well at times vs. Bama. We are athletic enough and deep enough to press for damn near the whole game. Our defense isn't very good anyways, might as well find a few ways to force some turnovers. I would line up a...
  7. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Zone Blitzes

    So I watched the entire 2nd half again (sober this time) of the A&M game and something caught my eye. On the 2nd interception by Justin Gilbert, we had a great defensive play call. We showed blitz on the right side with James Thomas and Justin Gilbert. Thomas rushes the passer and Jamie...
  8. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Someone needs to post this

    on the Tech boards regarding Castleman.... Why do you think he chose Oklahoma State? Mel Maxfield: I’m not trying to put words in his mouth but in visiting with him and in counseling with him I told him to back off, pray about it a little bit and I think he got some of that same advice from...
  9. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Roger Franklin

    Roger has been my favorite player since last season when he was always pumping up the crowd. This guy needs atleast 25 minutes/game. His defense is EXCELLENT, he rebounds well and can consistently hit a 15 foot jumper. Pilgrim and Williams are big bodies and can rebound, but make a...
  10. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Sign Ideas

    Our tickets are on the 1st row right by the players entrance in the end zone. I'm planning on making a sign especially since we will be right by the players when they come on the field. Anyways I'm looking for any ideas at sign ideas making fun of Arizona.....
  11. DallasOSUCowboys34

    My E-Mail to Matt Hayes

    Enjoy.....I will let everyone know if I get a response. Subject: Preseason Predictions from Matt Hayes Matt, Just wanted to reach out to you to see if Mike Leach was still a viable candidate to replace Mike Gundy at the end of the season? I stumbled across some of your pre-season...
  12. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Apparel question

    Does anybody know where to find a nice long sleeve OSU button up shirt? I want an orange (preferable) or white dress shirt that I can wear to work or to games. I have seen people wear them everywhere at games but can't find one anywhere online. Any help would be great!
  13. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Crowd Observations

    Just a few thoughts from the crowd last night. I thought the attendance was average but it was expected because of the Thursday night factor. I was EXTREMELY disappointed on how many people left at halftime. WHO IN THE WORLD LEAVES AT HALF WHEN YOUR DOWN BY 14???? There must have been...
  14. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Artrell Woods

    Kind of a random question, but does anyone know where to find that piece they did on him on College Gameday a few years ago?
  15. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Director's Cup Standings Just wanted to pass this along to you guys. I think this shows how far our Athletic Department has come in the last 10 years. Who on here would have guessed that we would've been ranked 27th on...
  16. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Houston = Texas Tech?

    Houston fans are almost as dilusional as Tech fans. Good god, I went to there scout board to see what they thought about the Dickey hire....there absolutely crazy. Some are talking about how Dickey can't get them to the Final 4 etc. Do they realize this is a team that won 19 games this...
  17. DallasOSUCowboys34

    James Anderson

    The best player I have ever seen in OSU history in my generation. Your a great player and a great person and wish you luck in the pros. He played his heart out and we should give him praise for this. Best season from an OSU cowboy in a long time. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO POKES!
  18. DallasOSUCowboys34

    2-3 zone the whole game

    This is a no brainer. GT is an average perimeter shooting team. Most of there points come from Lawal and Favors. Pilgrim will have to stay out of foul trouble, and playing zone will help that.
  19. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Terrible Game

    Shit happens. We looked pretty tired out there. Get back to practice and get prepared for the tourney. I'm sure everyone on here will over analyze the hell out of the game. Fact is we played uninspired ball vs. a deep, big team that we match up pretty poorly with. Not to mention there...
  20. DallasOSUCowboys34

    I thought we were the "Little Brother"

    Kansas 13-0 27-1 Kansas State 10-3 23-4 Texas A&M 8-4 19-7 Missouri 8-4 20-7 Baylor 7-5 20-6 Texas 7-5 21-6 Oklahoma State 7-5 19-7 Texas Tech 4-9 16-11 Oklahoma 4-9 13-14 Colorado 3-9 12-14 Iowa State 2-10 13-14 Nebraska 1-11 13-14 NORTH CONF OVERALL Nebraska 6-2...