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  1. the truth

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    2.) Sanders development - Is this finally the year where Sanders starts to reach some of his potential, or will it be more of the same inconsistent, turnover prone QB play? who's to say he hasn't reached his potential. maybe he is what he's shown? a good athlete, who plays qb inconsistently. i...
  2. the truth

    Equestrian Future

    its a great offset for FB scholarships/participation tho. can't think of many other womens sports that will count that many numbers toward scholarship/participation like equestrian.
  3. the truth

    Sean Sutton?

    i've seen rumors that he's a candidate for the N tx job. but i don't know if its even open.
  4. the truth

    Avery Anderson Declares for Draft

    this has nothing to do with his family telling him anything most likely. its because someone outside (could have even been boynton) the family is advising him to do this to see what grade he gets. he isn't going to get drafted. but he will find out other info that could help him in the future...
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    Avery Anderson Declares for Draft

    can't imagine what his "family" told him that convinced him to put his name in the draft? his "advisor"? sure. his "family"? i had to laugh.
  6. the truth

    Thursday/Friday night football games

    that's assuming a team makes more by moving their games to a friday or a thursday. do they?
  7. the truth

    Thursday/Friday night football games

    you can say the same for every school in the B12 with the exception of tx. austin will survive without games. ku doesn't have anyone go anyway (at least at this time). osu, isu, tt, ku, ksu, all suffer when the games are on a thursday or friday nite.
  8. the truth

    Thursday/Friday night football games

    i would agree with the exception of a tx or ou home game. those rarely, if ever get moved to an off night.
  9. the truth

    Justice Hill again tweets cryptically about his experience with OSU

    yes, i do understand. played CFB. worked every bit as hard as they did/do. and did it for a small stipend vs a full ride. don't like it, don't play.
  10. the truth

    Atta boy Mason

    that's true. the nfl is so void of qb talent in most cases. explains why guys can stay in the league for 10 plus years as a backup. chase daniels made over $30M during his career as a backup.
  11. the truth

    Atta boy Mason

    and how did that go? imo, mason is like the guy from ou that was at pittsburg before him. once his rookie deal is over he'll have a tough time staying at pittsburg.
  12. the truth

    Atta boy Mason

    i hope mason is working on his life after football (looks like he is in one respect). he might have the opportunity to catch on with another team as a backup (heck if chase daniels can play all those years...) but he's not likely to be a starter, in Pittsburg or anywhere else.
  13. the truth

    JW Walsh

    while he isn't allowed to recruit off campus he can be involved in recruiting on campus. and, his familiarity with the denton/dallas area can be helpful.
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    Knowles leaving: edit nope!

    Asst coaches (and HC's) interview for jobs for various reasons. the conspiracy theories that some fans come up with is comical. a list, in no particular order: -stature in the coaching community. some osu fans may not understand the pull that leagues like the B10 has in the coaching ranks. is...
  15. the truth

    OSU and the Big 12 vs Power 5 Conferences Data

    after all the info in that graph, you still don't get it do you? "on average we finish 3rd", blah, blah, blah! EVERY conference is that way. the only exception (slightly) is the PAC12. there are one or two (at most!) dominant teams in each conference, period, over the last 10 years (and likely...