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    O'Brate men's restroom

    Plumbing. Manhattan did not do their best work with this project.
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    Deposit for Obrate stadium seats?

    The question that should be axed is: "If I am a current season ticket holder and I do NOT put down a $75 deposit will I lose my spot in line to choose seats at O'Brate?' We assumed yes to that question and put up the requested $75 deposit. It does not improve your selection priority, my guess...
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    McKnight Opening

    There is a major funding effort for another building related to Ag. I was told the location but I am not sure I remember correctly. I think it is going to take but the space between the Bellmon building and the North Classroom building but someone else is going to have to confirm that.
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    McKnight Opening

    Just got in from the festivities at the McKnight Center opening. Not sure what I expected but it way surpassed my limited expectations. The McKnight Center staff put on a hell of a opening night gala. Without surprise the performance by the New York Philharmonic was incredible and the vocals...
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    Latest video O'Brate Stadium

    I wouldn't get overly optimistic about the first pitch of the first game happening in O'Brate. I'm pretty sure they expect to play the first few games at Allie P.
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    [Wrestling] 2019-2020 Schedule Released and Lineup Projections

    I had heard that the kid from Kansas had a pretty good chance of being our 157 guy. Any thoughts?
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    the ESPN + thread

    Have to agree! Fans should not be forced to stream a game of this high a profile. Can I? Yes. Would I? Yes except in this case I will attend. Just sayin it should be more easily accessible to the public.
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Tulsa

    We have overlooked them more times than I care to remember. They always approach it as a bowl game and we always approach it as if we weren’t approaching it at all. This happened to us sometime in the 90s I think with my happy ass there watching. Still taste the bile from that experience.
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Tulsa

    That was certain from the moment we announced playing them again. It has always been the case.
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Tulsa

    More like sickening
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    Orange on in...

    Setting up tailgate tents South of the Boone.
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    What to expect on defense

    Where the scale reads. 1 Far worse than I expected 5 Pretty much what I expected 10 Far better than I expected I am at a solid 3