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    Question about photos

    Thank you!
  2. sokpoke

    Brave New World

    So true. We live in an apathetic society. Parents do not demand excellence from their kids or the educational system. Most simply want "baby sitters". Kids today are not given/taught responsibility and discipline (not simply talking corporal punishment here) is a foreign concept.
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    True Detective season 2

    Best series I have seen!!
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    Brave New World

    Yes, but they are the overwhelming minority rather than the majority, which was the case in previous generations.
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    Brave New World

    We are raising a nation of idiots. A visit to any fast-food restaurant will dispel any reservations. A new Popeye's opened in Ardmore, and they had to import a crew from a sister establishment in OKC because they could not fill their shift crew for their grand opening. If they can pass a drug...
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    The Bloom is off the Ruse

    Have always maintained that this was nothing more than a massive transfer of wealth from the U.S. to other nations, under the guise of eco-healing. Age-old strategy; when you can't compete, over regulate; and if you are politically savvy, do it in the name of "progress" or "environmental awareness".
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    Jury orders Monsanto to pay nearly $290M in Roundup trial

    There is a difference between toxicity (measured as LD50; lethal dose to kill 50% of a population) and chronic health risks (measured as RfDs "Reference Doses"; the daily amount that can be consumed without harmful effects). However, caffeine, table salt, and aspirin, among many other common...
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    Some Ideas To Think About

    I apologize for the orientation.
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    Question about photos

    Why do some of my photos rotate left when I try to post them in a thread? Perfectly normal, but Orange Power wants to rotate them. I tried counter rotating them, but it always posts them in the same sideways orientation.:cursing:
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    The Organic Industry Is Lying to You

    Many of the bans are political, trade issues, and not food issues. The EU, for example, banning implanted beef (the use of estrogenic growth promoting hormones) is purely a trading issue. One will consume more estrogen in one serving of ice cream, English peas, cabbage, and many other foods than...
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    How America uses its land

    Interesting graphics and maps. For those who would question animal agriculture, I would submit to you that we could make better use of the acreage devoted to baseless ethanol production and the tragic loss of valuable farm lands to unplanned urban sprawl. We are loosing in excess of 1 million...
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    The most liberal and conservative jobs in America

    Interesting; but there is not one single surprise in the chart. One of the more interesting and discussion stimulating is the contrast between "Farmers" and "Retired Farmers". It just highlights how many people's political perspective changes when their lifestyle and means of subsistence...
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    Wacky news of the day

    I simply have no quips for this one! :ohmy:
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    Wacky news of the day

    As "Colonel Sanders" as he wants to be, he is probably all necks and gizzards.
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    Wacky news of the day

    In through the doors walked Big Ball Pete, 24 inches of swinging meat, He searched the world, all round the earth looking for the girl with the cork-screw birth; he found her one day and she killed him dead, for she was the girl with the left-handed thread.