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    yeah. meningitis. if you have meningitis and covid, do you die of covid or meningitis?
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    This is betos fault.
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    Kidnapping Governors

    its a DOG WHISTLE!!!
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    with these vaxx pauses due to safety concerns, i am starting to think covid isnt going to be the cause of the zombie apocalypse but the vaxx instead.
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    War in the Caucasus

    I doubt azerbaijan has uavs that look like that. also why are they shooting down lear jets?
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    Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Hearings

    Bowling alley was one that was available all the way into the 90s IIRC. There was an indoor strip mall within walking distance of my house that had one in an atrium/vestibule. Such a better time then. Elementary school smoke breaks..
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    Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Hearings

    i was at the grocery store earlier today and the PA system was playing Glenn Frey's " you belong to the city" and i remembered when I, as an elementary student in the 80s, could buy cigarettes from a vending machine rather than behind the counter from someone who wasn't even born then. Good times.
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    Democrats plans as part of their intent to fundamentally change America

    "Harris administration with Joe Biden"
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    The Universe

    recycled garbage. then finally, soylent green.
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    AMD Zen 3 Launch

    waiting for 5700x. Not currently announced but they have to replace the 3700x 8c/16t 65W chip.
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    NVIDIA is king again!

    6000 series (big navi) was teased, and whatever sku they teased, is in the ballpark of 3080. I like competition but am stuck in the AMD camp because they actually care about FOSS.
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    Which loss was more satisfying

    so. hard. to. choose. just. one. goon tears. texass tears. aggy tears.
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    and disinfectant.