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  1. Rob B.

    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    Right behind an SUV...
  2. Rob B.

    What OSU Basketball means to you...

    We beat Mizzou at home that year as well, Leroy Coombs went beast mode, that was my first game at GIA, been in love with the place ever since. Here's the schedule from that year, note the attendance #'s. 82-83
  3. Rob B.

    St. Pete/Clearwater Ellie Invitational...Cowgirls Softball

    Got the trifecta! GO POKES!
  4. Rob B.

    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    No dummy, the question here is, What do you call someone who gets married and meets a stranger behind a chain restaurant to get blown a month after his wedding day. What do you call someone that rich and famous and dumb? I know your answer. It's "HERO". Just pathetic.
  5. Rob B.

    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    Haha! The really scary part is that now @TypicalGooner will be lurking behind every Cheesecake Factory across the Midwest in the hopes of giving Baker a mouthy. Good luck in your quest...
  6. Rob B.

    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    No, we hear you chiming in that you're a sooner fan, which is an equally stupid argument.
  7. Rob B.

    How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

    He's a freaking one-man soap opera...
  8. Rob B.

    Time for BB coaching change should be about 3-4 weeks!!

    Good plan.....Gundy.
  9. Rob B.

    Anyone notice Andre Williams next to Sutton last night?

    The definition of a HOF thread.
  10. Rob B.

    Wrestling Pokes visiting Air Force and Wyoming on Saturday

    That's a wrestler's dream trip. 4 hours to sleep and eat, and they don't have to weigh in again.
  11. Rob B.

    Who has the best degree and makes the most money?

    Yes. First person to start a "Black Out Black Friday" campaign gets kicked in the peas.
  12. Rob B.

    OSU Football Portal

    None of those 3 came close to setting the world on fire after they transferred to other schools. Tyreek did once he hit the league, but he had to go. Wes Lunt was an average QB for Illinois. Michael Bowie? Didn't he end getting booted from NSU?