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  1. ProPoke

    Coach Eddie Sutton passes away at 84

    I so wished he could make it to the Hall of Fame ceremony. One year too late. At least he knew he made it in. 2020 has been quite the year and not in a good way.
  2. ProPoke

    Dexter Manley

    The all time sacks leader for the Washington Redskins and all time great OSU player Dexter Manley has tested COVID-19 positive and is on oxygen. Hopefully he recovers in the near future...
  3. ProPoke

    Cowgirls at TCU

    6 points scored in the fourth quarter and 8 points scored in the second quarter. That won't win many games.
  4. ProPoke

    Eddie film

    When will the film be released?
  5. ProPoke

    Rusty Hilger passed away RIP Cowboy

    I attended the same elementary school with Rusty Hilger. Southern Hills Elementary. He was the most athletic kid even then. Next thing I knew, Rusty was the starting QB for OSU. Gone much too soon.
  6. ProPoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    The # 1 wide receiver that is a senior, is expected to be drafted in the first round of the NFL draft said this about going bowling: I’m playing in the bowl game. There’s no reason to not play!!!! Jerry Jeudy Bowl games matter to many of the players and they should matter.
  7. ProPoke

    Big 12 bowl games.

    Every year there is somebody saying no Big 12 teams will win their bowl game and every year the Big 12 does well.
  8. ProPoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    I appreciate you sharing we were headed to the Texas Bowl from about as good as source as there can be. I did find it interesting that the Alamo and Texas bowls were the last to announce their teams. It was as if the Alamo was unsure who they wanted to choose to the very end. The Camping...
  9. ProPoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    Down to Alamo or Texas Bowl with Texas and OSU the only teams not revealed.
  10. ProPoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    Alamo Bowl tweeted earlier the Big 12 opponent has never played at the Alamo Bowl and begins with the letter U.
  11. ProPoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    247 is convinced we are headed to the Texas Bowl and it is either K-State or Texas in the Alamo.
  12. ProPoke

    Wallace #97 and Hubbard #131

    I've seen a lot of running backs come through OSU beginning with Thurman Thomas. I saw Earnest Anderson on TV but I don't think I went to any games in person before Thurman Thomas was there. Hubbard does not make many miss, not a lot juke in him. What he does have is speed. I cannot remember...
  13. ProPoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    Is this your personal opinion or do you have some insider information? If this is just your personal opinion, you will hereby be called NastradamusPoke if you correct.
  14. ProPoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    This is an unusual year in that so little has leaked out such as which bowls are speaking to which colleges. There have been years in which by now all that we were waiting on was the formal announcement. One year, the evidence pointed us going to the Alamo Bowl so strongly I actually booked a...
  15. ProPoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    Back to the bowling theme which is the name of this thread. Just saw a prediction from USA Today stating ou will jump Utah if it beats Baylor to be the 4th team in the CFP. Baylor will play Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and they have OSU playing Utah in the Alamo. That would be an interesting...