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  1. Pokevette

    Football 2021 S Kendal Daniels Signed with OSU

    Does he have the grades to play?
  2. Pokevette

    Transfer Portal

    Cowboys entering the transfer portal since August 1st: * Jelani Woods (Starting TE) * Dee Anderson (WR) * Deondrick Glass (RB) * Trent Pullen (OL) * Jacob Farrell (OL) * Bryce Bray (OL) * Carson Kropp (walk-on LB) * MIcah Cooper (walk-on RB) * Shaun Taylor (walk-on QB) * Ben Freehill (walk-on...
  3. Pokevette

    Tulsa Golden Hurricane - Championship Game

    Keep in mind that Tulsa's starting RB was out injured this season. He would have given them some added punch running the ball for sure. Great season for Tulsa. I wish them well in their Bowl.
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    Gundy/HC threads merged

    Poor coaching.... You’d think Gundy would quit saying “we got out coached” during his press conferences...
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    What if OU/WV doesn't get played and both OU/OSU win out

    I found this in an article this morning: The weird tiebreaker happens if Iowa State loses to West Virginia and Kansas State were to beat Texas. The tiebreaker would fall all the way down to point differential in the games played between Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Iowa State since West...
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    What if OU/WV doesn't get played and both OU/OSU win out

    SCENARIO: What happens if - ISU losses to WVU - OU wins out. (resulting in a 3-way tie for ISU/OU/OSU) - KSU beats Texas * KSU/TX/WVU end tied for 4th with four losses You would look at the head-to-head of the 3 tied teams against the 3 4th place teams. * ISU would be 3-0 against those teams...
  7. Pokevette

    What if OU/WV doesn't get played and both OU/OSU win out

    For WVU to be in the tiebreaker with Texas, you are assuming they and Texas win out. If WVU wins out, they beat OU. If they beat OU, then there is only ISU/OSU left with 2 losses so the tie break would not apply. The only thing we need WVU to do is beat OU. Then it is ISU vs OSU. No need...
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    What if OU/WV doesn't get played and both OU/OSU win out

    If ISU loses, it is a 3-way tie with all teams being 1-1 against each other. So the next tiebreak is record against next highest ranked (ie Texas). Both OU and ISU would have a win over Texas. OSU would have a loss. That would put ISU/OU in the CCG. So no, we do not have the tiebreaker over...
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    What if OU/WV doesn't get played and both OU/OSU win out

    The only way we get in the CCG is if: * We win out against TCU/Baylor * OU drops one of their last two remaining games (@WVU/Baylor) That's it. That simple...
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    What if we don't make the CCG?

    You know, I think we as OSU fans we have to be realistic in our hopes and expectations... I don't expect a Big-12 Championship every year, but I do hope for that "perfect storm" year occasionally. 2011 was probably the last year when the stars aligned. I had expected this year to be our next...
  11. Pokevette

    so, pokes are 11 point favorites going to k-state ...

    * We beat WVU by 14 points when we had a true Freshman QB starting his first ever game. * WVU beat KSU by 27 points. * If OSU (i.e., Spencer Sanders) can play a clean came with little to no turnovers, covering 12.5 points should be the easiest money of the season.
  12. Pokevette

    Big-12 Title picture...

    Most likely: ISU is in with a win over Texas The winner of Bedlam is in against Iowa St. However, the meltdown scenario would be: - Texas beats ISU - OU beats OSU. - OSU/ISU/OU/TX would all end tied with 2 losses. - By virtue of head-to-head tiebreaker, the CCG would be OU vs Texas.
  13. Pokevette

    8-Team Play-off Format.

    So lets apply the above proposal to the 2019 season. The Top-4 were: LSU/Ohio State/Clemson/Oklahoma. Teams 5-8 would have been 11-2 Georgia (who lost to LSU in the SEC Title game and unranked S. Carolina in the reg season). 11-2 Oregon (2 loss Pac-12 Champ with losses to unranked Ariz St and...
  14. Pokevette

    8-Team Play-off Format.

    No, what I saying is this: * This year, I think Georgia and Notre Dame will probably lose another game. So if we were undefeated, my belief is that would put us into the Semi-Finals under the current system. * If we expanded to an 8-team system, then OSU would have to beat a really good team...