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    How Much Do We Really Care About Softball?

    There are exceptions to every rule as certain individuals can be interested in certain sports, but the general rule of thumb for the entire midwest/south at least... (as proven by many different metrics - TV ratings, media coverage, Attendance, money poured into programs, water cooler talk...
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    Stillwater Regional - Welcome MSU, GCU, and UA to Stillwater!

    So honest question, not trying to be sarcastic. What would more scholarships do? Are there quality pitchers out there not playing baseball because they can't get a scholarship or the bigger teams would just steal more from the small schools
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    Cowboy Golf
  4. pokefan89

    OSU Baseball in Big XII Tournament thread

    Baylor outfielders were ready to go home
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    NFL Draft

    Has anybody done any research or looked through various mock drafts to have any idea of who's getting drafted and when? I've seen a little on Malcolm Rodriguez and it seems like he will for sure get drafted at some point. Anyone else? Rodriguez Sterling Harvell-Peel Sills Harper Holmes Martin...
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    Anyone need a good laugh? ESPN 2022 CFB Power Index

    This is FPI - Isn't that based solely on some sort of data from PY and incoming players?
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    Basketball Off-season Thread

    I don't know the guy but if he is going NBA or portal, I doubt OSU is on his list.
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    Lordy, add St. Peters Sweet 16 to 17 long years and counting

    Let's not get TOO carried away here. They are well coached and they are playing excellent basketball at the right time. They also lost to Siena (2X), St Francis, Canisius, Iona (2X), Ryder, and finished second place in the MAAC. So, it's not like if they restarted the season tomorrow, St...
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    Basketball Off-season Thread

    I'm not a Boynton hater by any means, but other than Cade Cunningham, I'm not sure why he would be at the top of target lists for coaching hires.
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    Looks like it's actually predicting the "The Basketball Classic" tournament. I think the CBI doesn't invite power 5s
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    Cowboys WIN against ISU 53-36. Series Split. Pokes are 7-10, 14-15 overall. Last Game against #12 Tech on Saturday. Senior Day

    Always have to keep in mind with the SEC challenge, they drop 4 of their worst teams. So in theory, they try to line up the Big 12's worst team with the SEC's 5th worst team. SEC is definitely just as strong at the top 1-5 now, which didn't used to be the case. I feel like they've hung with or...
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    Winning In Dallas Metro

    I was discussing this as I was leaving another Bball loss a couple weeks ago. I have seen 1 football win and 1 basketball win over TCU. Lots of losses
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    Cowboys (11-12) Drop game against TCU. Series Split. Pokes are 4-7. WVU on SATURDAY in GIA

    About to head on over to Dutch's for a burger and beers and I'll be in the stadium wearing orange!
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    Cowboys WIN against Oklahoma Sooners. Pokes 11-11, 4-6 in Conference. 4 straight Bedlam Wins. HCMB is 8-4 in Bedlam. TCU on TUESDAY

    Each game I lose more faith in MAM. He has one objective when he gets the ball.