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  1. pokefan89

    Boise state

    I think we threw it twice and the other was the pick six
  2. pokefan89

    2021 Survival Pool Week 3

    Week 1: Toledo Week 2: New Mexico Week 3: Rutgers (56)
  3. pokefan89

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    I think it will be your East/West. That keeps the new teams split and keeps UCF and WVU together in the Eastern time zone. Another question - will we go to 8 conference, 4 non con games?
  4. pokefan89

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    Long term, what will the divisions be? East/West - 4TX schools, OSU, and BYU North/South - 4Tx schools, OSU, and UCF And I wonder what they will do regarding divisions if there are years with OU/TX still in play
  5. pokefan89

    Official Game Thread: Tulsa vs. Oklahoma State

    100 Degrees is the high tomorrow, yikes. Will be really hot out there by the second half. Excited for my first game in BPS in 3 years! Confirmed Eskimo Joe's opens @9. Does anyone think there will be a line early or can I show up at 9?
  6. pokefan89

    2021 Survival Pool Week 2

    Week 1: Toledo Week 2: New Mexico (55)
  7. pokefan89

    AP top 25 okstate

    Yeah there is definitely room for debate. I can go for KSU having a better win I also tried to take into consideration HOW they won, not just strictly W/L..and Bama was dominant. UGA didn't score an offensive TD Also, took into consideration UCLA is 2-0, destroyed Hawaii. Penn State got knocked...
  8. pokefan89

    AP top 25 okstate

    Your Pokefan89 Rankings based solely on Week 1 Performance: (Must consider some Prior year teams/Recruiting Rankings when considering what is a "good" win. Obviously not a realistic concept, but it would be interesting to see the ebb and flow from week to week and how close the rankings would...
  9. pokefan89

    2021 Survival Pool Week 1

    I'm glad I'm late to the party because I definitely could have seen myself pick Tulsa. Instead I'll say: Toledo (79)
  10. pokefan89

    Big XII - Week 1

    Hopefully the Big XII looks better than week 1 last year. Although I say that, but I still really want OU to lose. Not totally related to the topic, but didn't feel the need for a new thread. Boise State plays UCF tonight, UCF favored by 6.5. Would like to see Boise State win that one so at...
  11. pokefan89

    Tylan Wallace and Dillon Stoner

    I saw the list of who was released/made the team. Tyron Johnson was surprising. I saw Amen made it, was that a surprise? The rest I thought were pretty expected
  12. pokefan89

    How early should we leave for the 11:30 am Tulsa kickoff?

    I've never had an issue with traffic, but I also never try to show up just before the game starts. It's a little over an hour drive, tailgating starts at 8 (I think). I'd probably leave at 7, but I like to explore all the grounds/have a few beers pre game.
  13. pokefan89

    Dallas-Ft. Worth watch party

    Whats the deal with ESPN+? Is that an actual channel or just something you can stream? I have it, but I'm wondering in relation to the watch parties. Do bars have ESPN+?
  14. pokefan89

    Dallas-Ft. Worth watch party

    I'll be at the Fort Worth watch party (Trinity Pub in W7th). It's usually a pretty small crowd. When I've beer over to Dallas, their watch parties were much bigger.
  15. pokefan89

    I just re-watched last years Iowa State game..

    We have to remember one of the reasons we are so deep is because of the Covid rule, which every other team also was able to take advantage of. So just because we are a deeper team than we normally are, does not make us any deeper than our opponents.