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  1. pokefan89 Preview: Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma

    Shoot. Hitting 1 out of 4 gives us a puncher's chance. 2 out of 4 I think we win. If Spencer balls out, we run for 150, give up no big plays, AND contain the run...It's going to be 56-3
  2. pokefan89

    Drunk on a Big Ole Keg of Orange Kool-Aid

    The season/games are always a little more interesting as long as you have that hope you're still playing for something significant. That's why I'm always calculating every scenario possible until it's officially impossible to make it
  3. pokefan89

    Drunk on a Big Ole Keg of Orange Kool-Aid

    I think there's a pretty decent chance one team goes to Conference Championship game with 3 losses. I don't think there's a great chance that team is OSU. Also, PokeSaladAnnie started his remaining games thread basically stating it was possible to make CCG, and he caught a lot more flak than this.
  4. pokefan89

    Sunday Morning Coaches Week #10: Carry On Wayward Son edition

    On defense, it just feels like half our guys run to their spot and there will be someone there to block them, and they just say "oh ok, guess I'm blocked then". Xavier Benson has only 22 solo tackles on the season. He's third in total tackles behind a safety. He is just taking up a spot out...
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    Cowboys WIN 85-51 in Exhibition game. Regular Season Opener on MONDAY against UT Arlington in GIA.

    Not really relevant to this, but I figured I'd check in on the ole gang. Didn't see anything about Pacific playing an exhibition game. Likele had 10 pts for Ohio St. "Newcomer Rondel Walker played 19 minutes and scored six points on 2-of-3 shooting from three." - Not a starter Moncrieffe was...
  6. pokefan89

    OK State Path to the Play-off

    I'm most curious to see what the committee does with Alabama & TCU. There were two guys on the ESPN CFP preview show that had TCU as #6 and Bama not in the top 6. Two who had Bama at #6 and Herbstreit had Bama at #5. All three of those didn't show TCU in top 6. The committee, especially early...
  7. pokefan89

    Remaining Schedule with six games left:

    Did I realistically think we'd start 5-1? Absolutely. We had 3 gimmies and Tech at home. At the start of the season saying we'd be 5-1 after 6 games seemed more plausible than right now saying we will go 2-0 over our next 2. Not saying it can't happen, but I would be surprised.
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    WK 7: Possible Upsets!

    I agree. If UGA-Bama is an undefeated SEC title game, they're both getting in regardless. They need a loss along the way. Tennessee will lose somewhere
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    TCU Roll Call!

    I live in Fort Worth and have been a few times. I can't exactly remember the parking, but there are a couple official lots, but some of them are reserved. There is a lot of residential areas around to park, but they will probably fill up fast and could be a walk. I've always parked in one of the...
  10. pokefan89

    Delay of Game vs Texas Tech

    From what I understood was that the defense is allowed a certain amount of time to see what offensive personnel is on the field. The play clock was already running, we broke out of the sideline huddle and ran straight to the line and didn't give Tech any time to see what personnel we had on the...
  11. pokefan89

    WK 7: Possible Upsets!

    Utah is favored, would be a nice upset according to rankings though
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    Basketball Off-season Thread

    I'm skeptical of all things pre-season practice after the talk last year was that they were employing Moncrieffe as a point forward
  13. pokefan89

    2022 Survival Pool Week 7

    Week 1: Tulane Week 2: Toledo Week 3: Rutgers Week 4: UCLA Week 5: Syracuse Week 6: Ole Miss Week 7: Coastal Carolina
  14. pokefan89

    2022 Survival Pool Week 6

    Good sportsmanship, but I would say don't drop out. There's no rule against that and there is NOTHING on the line except a little pride. If anyone is truly upset about that, that's sad
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    I don't know what OSU fans will be watching but overall, it won't even be close