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    FBI raiding Mar A Lago

    No one said "no firearms at all" except you. The FBI and Secret Service are involved here, don't be obtuse...
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    Israel launches Military operation in Gaza Strip after very high tensions.

    All things aside, the Iron Dome is effing badass.
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    Greatest drummers of all time!

    Great names on this list for sure. This is a video I have immensely enjoyed that gives a good display of skill by one of my favorites...
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    GOP truly has become a parody of themselves

    Great news for you, if the elections don't matter b/c they are overthrown by treasonous pricks, there won't be any more liberals left in power to even be hypocritical. Screw democracy, b/c that isn't as bad as the boogyman liberal, amiright?!? Yay!
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    Big 12 to meet to consider 6 new teams(PAC)

    Strongly disagree. I'm enjoying the banter and like to read up on subjects in which I am ignorant.
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    NeverMadeItToCampus All-Stars

    I don't recall to many details, but he got caught stealing from Walmart and was kicked off the team. Totally agree on Darrell Williams. What a horrible situation. Also, from purely a basketball perspective, having him as a senior on the team when Marcus Smart was here as a freshman... OMG. I...
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    Basketball ticket renewals and upgrades…

    This is where I am at and have been for a few years. The sloppy, disinterested play has been one of the few constants. I am always surprised and pleased when the guys play with effort and some passion. And I think it is truly noticeable when that occurs. Kills me that they can't do this with...
  8. PJ-OSU

    NeverMadeItToCampus All-Stars

    O-what could have been with that class and some Eddie coaching... #1 overall recruit Gerald Green #12 overall Keith Brumbaugh #18 overall Byron Eaton #34 overall Roderick Flemings #70 overall Kenneth Cooper #75 overall...
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    OSU Wrestling

    Nothing confirmed, but I would speculate it probably has something to do with this. Very unfortunate.
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    Lions linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez: What we learned from his college film

    Not sure of your browser, but if you use Firefox, pressing F9 will toggle the page to "reader view" which displays primarily the text while eliminating the ads, and you can bypass many paywalls as a result. Worked for me on this one.
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    Basketball Off-season Thread

    Agreed. With 7 seniors (actually 5 & 2 grads) and 5 juniors on the roster being supported with a single incoming freshman, the next 2 years damnwell better be big cycles. And two of those juniors (Bryce and Cisse) could realistically go pro after the end of the upcoming year which would leave us...
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    Suspect in custody after deadly Illinois July Fourth parade shooting that killed at least 6

    I'm not saying the parent could not have done better here, but we don't know for sure that they parents didn't try a lot of things at various points throughout this guys life. I know some parents that have some really messed up kids and I know for a fact that they have tried a LOT of different...
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    SCOTUS to overturn Roe v Wade

    Sadly, probably sooner rather than later. And while that is horrible to think about, I'm honestly much more concerned about the impending SCOTUS review of Moore v. Harper and the potential effects if the ruling goes the way of politics.
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    Rx Summer Thread #1: Your all-time greatest Bedlam story

    January of 2003. Victor Williams hits a shot with 3.6 left on the (game) clock to go up by two over the 5th ranked fighting Samsung's. 3.6 game seconds later, we rush the court and I can't hear anything except ringing or speak above a hoarse whisper for a few hours later.